It is clear now that the Red Sox have abandoned the race and are not expecting to play baseball in October. Trading Crawford, Beckett, and Gonzalez to the Dodgers is a clear indicator that Boston is looking towards the future and has forsaken any hopes of reaching the playoffs this year. The Angels can take advantage of their opponents’ lack of interest and win the opening game of the series.

Match: LA Angels vs Boston Red Sox

Bet: LA Angels Run Line -1,5

Odds: bet365 2.10

L.A is four games behind the surging Oakland in the West division but they have cross-divisional rivals to worry about, since their only chance rests with the wild card. Texas is playing too well and has an advantage of 10 victories, which means that the Angels will be fighting Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland and Tampa Bay for one of the two wildcards. Right now they are in the worst position and unless they win the series with Boston, the chances of making it to the playoffs are slim.

No more false steps for Weaver

Jared Weaver is not only one of the pitchers who have the highest number of victories and the best ERA this year, but also among the most reliable ones. After going 14-1 with a 1.45 ERA in twenty one games, Jared lost both home games and conceded a high number of runs in the first three innings. He was clearly unable to focus and while the reasons for why this happened are unclear, what matters right now is to return to his winning ways.

Weaver didn’t have any problems with the Red Sox in the past and now that Gonzalez and Crawford are no longer in the lineup, he should have it even easier. Add to this the fact that David Ortiz has joined the disabled list and the LA Angels have plenty of reasons to be confident in their chances. The visitors send Bucholz on the mound and they are right to do so, as Clay has been sharp in his last outings going 4-1 while conceding a bit over two runs per match. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t won any duel with Jared so far and the odds are stacked against him tonight when his team lacks some key players.

Bet Pal Tip:

Even if the Red Sox would be at full strength the Angels would be favorites to win, because there are really very few pitchers in MLB that are even remotely as good as Weaver. Bet365 prices the hosts correctly but punters still have a way of maximizing potential winnings by choosing the Run Line bet at odds of 2.10.