Cleveland finally ended its lengthy slide with a victory over the Yankees, causing the New Yorkers to lose the first place in the American League. They try to avoid a new losing streak, but a series against the surging Oakland will surely be a huge challenge, even though they have the home pitch advantage.

Match: Cleveland Indians vs Oakland Athletics

Bet: Oakland Athletics Run Line -1.5

Odds: bet365 2.10

The A’s are still six victories behind the leading Rangers, but a single win is all they need to tie Tampa Bay for the lead in the wildcard race. Detroit and Baltimore are also trying to secure their playoff berth by winning the wildcard, but for the time being, Oakland has the first chance. Everything was going their way in July and August, but the 50 game suspension of Bartolo Colon due to substance abuse was a huge blow for the ambitious club.

New name, same old problems

Very few players in their rotation benefit from the ban affecting the veteran pitcher, but Brett Anderson is one of them. If Colon would still be playing, Brett’s chances of being promoted to starting pitcher would’ve been slim, but now the reliever have a chance to prove himself. He couldn’t possibly wish for a better opponent, because the Indians are not only struggling with terrible pitching, but also have a dismal offense. Anderson returned from Tommy John surgery and won his only decision with a 1.29 ERA.

His counterpart is Roberto Hernandez, a name that doesn’t ring familiar even for those who follow baseball routinely, and the explanation is interesting to say the least. This pitcher is also known as Fausto Carmona and he played in Cleveland for seven consecutive years, until the authorities realized that he was using a false name. The consequences were rather harsh and Roberto who was banned for the majors, but his return was very different to what his teammates expected it to be. Hernandez is still looking for his first victory this season but with an average of almost 7 runs surrendered per game, he might have to wait.

BetPal Tip:

Oakland has the chance of building a winning record away from home for the first time in many years, and claw their way to the playoffs. Even without Bartolo Colon, their starting pitchers are good enough to keep them alive until the batting unit retires their opponents and Brett Anderson should be more than a match for the Indians. Punters shouldn’t be afraid of going a step further in backing the visitors, because odds of 2.10 for the Run Line bet are terrific.