Both Atlanta and San Francisco were red-hot at the beginning of August, and the string of consecutive victories help them improve their chances in the playoffs race. While the Giants leapfrog the Dodgers in the West division, the Braves are inching closer to leading Washington and have reignited their hopes of winning the division.

Match: San Francisco vs Atlanta Braves

Bet: Atlanta Braves

Odds: bet365 2.12

The series between these two teams carries a lot of weight, because there is a chance that ultimately they will compete for one of the two wildcards. San Francisco capitalized on the of playing in front of their fans and won the first games of the series, but the Braves fought back in the third and can now force a draw. They send in their best starting pitcher and whenever Tim Hudson pitches for Atlanta, the entire team rallies behind him to provide the few runs of support that he needs to win.

Lincecum’s only chance for redemption

Tim Lincecum used to be a pitcher that could single-handedly win the match, and the teams visiting AT&T Park were downright frightened by the prospect of facing him. This is nothing more than a distant memory, because 2012 has been an abysmal season for the young pitcher who tries to avoid his 14th defeat. He has no one else to blame but himself, because with a 5.30 ERA he can consider himself lucky to have amassed seven victories for a team that traditionally scores very few rounds.

Even with Tim completely out the form and facing an offensive team such as Atlanta, the Giants are not hopeless. They have an excellent bullpen that will keep them alive if Lincecum doesn’t concede to many runs in the few innings that he is probably going to pitch. There are two players that the hosts are worried about, with Chipper Jones being one of them, while the other is Jason Heyward. Jones is playing his last game in San Francisco as he announced that he will retire at the end of the season, while Jason is batting .394 agains the Giants and will keep Lincecum on his toes.

BetPal Tip:

Atlanta has one of the best records away from home, and Lincecum is not the pitcher that he used to be, which means that bookmakers are underestimating the visitors. While San Francisco is regarded as favorite to win the final game of the series, it is the Braves that have the first chance and odds of 2.12 that Bet365 present punters with an excellent incentive.