Having Seattle in town for a three games series was usually a reason to rejoice for the White Sox who won 16 out of the last 19 games. Now that the Mariners won 8 consecutive matches and are scoring a surprisingly high number of runs, Chicago will need to be extra careful if they are to get away with a win. Sending Jake Peavy on the mound helps, but will probably not be enough to secure the opening game.

Match: Chicago White Sox vs Seattle Mariners

Bet: Seattle Mariners

Odds: bet365 2.65

The veteran pitcher is slowly returning to the form that made him famous and brought him a CY Young trophy a few years ago, but he still has a long way to go. His last outing was particularly disappointing as the Royals made short work of the White Sox and allowed Detroit to leapfrog them in the standings. It is going to be much more difficult to hold his ground against the red-hot Mariners, not to mention that in this particular confrontation pretty much every run scored matters.

Minimal support is all that Vargas needs

Jason Vargas has 13 victories so far and a spectacular ERA over his last 10 starts, but unfortunately he was still tagged with 8 defeats this season. The first few months were brutal for Vargas, and it looked like Ichiro Suzuki’s departure will only make things worse for the starting pitchers. Jason surrendered an average of two runs per match over the span, en rout to winning 6 out of 7 decisions. He has what it takes to improve his record against the White Sox and bring his team back in the playoffs race.

Home pitch advantage is huge for most teams in MLB, but Chicago are one of the few exceptions as they play just as well away and at home. What they need is a solid outing from their starting pitcher, and the longer he stays in game the better the chances are for the White Sox to emerge victorious. The bullpen is tricky and most of the recent games were lost in the final innings when the relievers were expected to protect a minimal lead.

BetPal Tip:

Time is quickly running out for Seattle and despite the impressive winning streak, they are still out of the wildcard race. With a bit over a month left, the Mariners need to win this series and their best chance is to secure the opening match, now that they have Vargas on the mound. Bet365 doesn’t credit them with the first chance, but this is great news for those who have the guts to take advantage of the 2.65 odds.