Few are the times when the New York Yankees are regarded as underdogs, because even when they play away from home, the richest club in MLB is a force to be reckoned with. Chicago White Sox stripped them of their favorites status and they’ve done it by sending Chris Sale to the mound, in his search for the 15th victory this season.

Match: Chicago White Sox vs NY Yankees

Bet: NY Yankees

Odds: bet365 2.30

Chicago won both games of the series and has the rare chance of sweeping the Yankees for the first time in more than 20 years. US Cellular Field is an arena where Sale feels truly at home as he won seven consecutive starts and has a spectacular 1.17 ERA. He pitched poorly in his last outing against the Royals, despite the fact that Kansas has one of the worst batting staff in the majors. The New Yorkers scored a combined nine runs in the first two games of the series and will keep him under pressure during the first few innings.

Last chance to rebound for the Yankees

While there is no doubt about the Yankees advancing into the playoffs, the challenge is to win not only the division but also the American League. Having home pitch advantage against Texas is huge and since these two teams are most likely to meet in the final stage of the competition, winning the conference is mandatory. In order to achieve this, the visitors turn to Phil Hughes who has a perfect record against the White Sox, but a not so stellar percentage away from home.

He conceded an average of one run per game in three victories over Chicago, but he has a worrisome 5.71 ERA in 10 starts on the road this year. The real challenge is to have Phil pitch deep into the game, because he didn’t last for more than five innings in his last outings. The White Sox won by simply scoring more runs than their opponents, but they had little success in preventing the opponents from scoring runs.

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