Colorado is tied with Chicago Cubs for the second to last place in the National League and it appears like the Rockies will slip even further in the remaining rounds. Nothing goes their way and while the starting pitchers are struggling to fend off the opponents, Colorado’s batting squad went silent. The Mets are far from thriving right now, but the home pitch advantage and an in-form Chris Young give them hope.

Match: NY Mets vs Colorado Rockies

Bet: NY Mets Run Line -1,5

Odds: bet365 2.40

Not so long ago, Chris was one of the best pitchers in MLB and a perennial contender for the Cy Young award, but injuries kept him away from the field. Since he returned, Young was just a shadow of his former self but recently he shows signs of improvement. Despite losing 6 decisions so far and showcasing a mediocre 4.50 ERA, Chris Young threw almost six scoreless innings against Central division leaders Cincinnati. He should have it easy against the last placed Colorado who scores few runs away from home.

Injuries cripple the besieged visitors

Like it wasn’t enough that Colorado can’t rely on its pitchers and sluggers, injuries pilled up recently and  Eric Young JR, Josh Rutledge, Michael Cuddyer , Todd Helton, Jason Giambi and Troy Tulowitzki are all injured. The last three were the players that the Rockies counted on for scoring runs and now that Carlos Gonzalez joins them on the disabled list, it’s clear that things just got serious. To make things even worse, the starting pitcher will be Jhoulys Chacin who lost all his starts in 2012 and has a 7.30 ERA.

He conceded all these runs before suffering a shoulder injury and now he will pitch without being fully recovered. It is a risky strategy to say the least, but it appears that the Rockies don’t have a better solution and will have to trust Chacin once more. This should provide the Mets with an opening for scoring more runs than they did in most of their August games and hopefully turn around this series.

BetPal Tip:

NY Mets are in theory the better team, but they have to prove it tonight if they want to avoid falling to the last place in the Eastern division. Bet365 is not very generous today with those who intend to back the Mets for a straight win, but offers juicy odds for punters who don’t mind taking small chances. The run Line bet will pay odds 2.40 if the New Yorkers cover the -1,5 spread which is a likely scenario.