Despite trailing in the West division, the Mariners are not playing like a last-placed team and the fact that they’ve put together a five-game winning streak is impressive. Cleveland is at the opposite end of form, with five consecutive defeats and it doesn’t look like the visiting team has the resources to end the slide.

Match: Seattle Mariners vs Cleveland Indians

Bet: Seattle Mariners

Odds: bet365 1.90

Their starting pitcher is a liability and with Seattle’s batting squad hitting as much as it does lately, it is hard to believe that Jimenez will last for more than 5 innings. This might look like a short span for a starting pitcher that competed for the Cy Young trophy back in the day, but this is the reality. Ubaldo has lost five of his last six decisions and his 8.83 ERA is ridiculously high, suggesting that he will once more put the bullpen to the test. Cleveland doesn’t shine when it comes to relievers and at least two of their latest five defeats were caused by the bullpen.

The steaks are about to be extended

If it wasn’t for the intense competition that is specific to the Western division of the American League, maybe the Mariners would have stood a chance. Texas has a comfortable lead and Oakland has emerged as a serious contender for the second wildcard, while the struggling Angels still hold a four games lead over Seattle. The last placed team has faint hopes of making it into the playoffs, but if Kevin Millwood lasts at least 7 innings again, the Mariners can at least close the gap.

The veteran is mired in a long winless streak and with a 4.28 ERA he can hardly blame his teammates for his lack of success. It is not customary for Seattle to score a lot of runs, but this is the case now and Kevin has what it takes to cool down the visitors batting staff. The truth is that Indians sluggers are already ice cold and they’ll have a hard time trying to offset a high number of runs that Jimenez is likely to concede.

BetPal Tip:

The odds for a home victory are great, because in this particular case there is a lot of value in odds of 1.90 and Bet365 didn’t alter them since the minute they were posted. The only problem for punters is not to wait until the kickoff because these odds are bound to be lowered as more people sense the opportunity and back the hosts. The streaks are about to be extended an bare in mind that this is only the first game of a three-matches series, so new opportunities might appear.