Boston and Minnesota have plenty of things in common and the fact that they meet for a three-game series in Massachusetts represents a good opportunity for punters. These are two streaky teams who are not to be trusted when the bookies credit them with the first chance and offer tiny odds. Things go wrong all the time and they rarely succeed in confirming their favorite statute.

Match: Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins

Bet: Minnesota Twins

Odds: bet365 2.80

Boston won four of the last five games and returning to Fenway Park for a series with the Twins should mark the beginning of another lengthy winning streak. They have home field advantage to back up their claims and the slightly better position in the general standings, but except for that they are not too far ahead. With David Ortiz joining other players on the disabled list, it will be increasingly difficult for the Red Sox to maintain the high runs production.

A chance for Deduno to shine

Jon Lester served the Red Sox with honor for more than six years and over again the battle with cancer, but 2012 is clearly not his year. With a 5.49 ERA and eight defeats in 13 decisions, he will have serious problems in containing Minnesota’s Joe Mauer. The Twins faced Lester seven times and three of the four decisions were unfavorable for Boston’s starting pitcher, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if today he adds the fourth defeat.

He conceded a massive 12 runs per game during his last three outings and Lester was just as shaky at Fenway Park and way from home. Samuel Deduno can’t brag about the same experience as his counterpart, but Minnesota starting pitcher is undefeated in 2012. The rookie started as a reliever but thanks to some powerful outings and the fact that the Twins needed a replacement for their injured starter, Deduno stepped into the spotlights. Tonight he doesn’t have to worry about David Ortiz and can count on a decently high number of supports runs from his teammates, given Lester’s lack of form.

BetPal Tip:

Both teams stand on the fourth place in their division and need to work hard to reenter the playoffs race, and both of them won just five of the last 10 games. The batting staff is very productive in some games and abysmal in others, the pitchers in the bullpen represent the Achille’s heel for both teams. This means that things can go either way and with so many factors that could influence the outcome, it makes sense to take slight risks and back the visitors. Odds of 2.80 is not something that bet365 offers on a daily basis for relatively balanced games with uncertain result, so we should take them while they last.