No victory is useless for Philadelphia and even though the series can no longer be won, the Phillies have the chance to end it in a draw. The faint hopes of reaching the playoffs depend on the outcome of these four games with Atlanta and Kendrick is the player the visitors expect to tie the series. He needed little support last time he pitched, but it’s very likely that his team will be more successful against Randy Wolf.

Match: Milwaukee Brewers vs Philadelphia Phillies

Bet: Philadelphia Phillies

Odds: bet365 2.10

The veteran pitcher has played for Philadelphia between 1999-2006, but the team he used to know is nothing more than a memory. Things have changed greatly and Wolf himself is less accurate than he used to be, not to mention that his current team struggles at the offensive end. Basically this is going to be a duel between a promising rookie and a veteran pitcher who tries to put an end to a lengthy slide. With the playoffs being more of a dream than an actual target, pressure will not factor in tonight and the best pitcher should prevail.

A battle with Braun

Kendrick’s biggest concern is Ryan Braun who is arguably Milwaukee’s best players right now and definitely the most dangerous slugger in their rotation. The visitors won the third game of the series following a dazzling display from Cole Hamels but he still conceded a home run to Braun. It is going to be a rather intense first half, especially with Atlanta sending in Randy Wolf who is winless in more that six starts. In fact, he bagged a single victory over the last three months and his ERA is quickly climbing and it’s very likely that the dreadful number 6 will be reached by the end of August.

He will need more than a solitary homerun from Braun if he is to avoid the 10th defeat in 2012, but given the way Kendrick pitched lately, he shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for it. Since Prince Fielder departed, the Brewers have been struggling offensively and the pressure on the starting pitchers has increased. Add to this te fact that the bullpen is not their strongest section and it’s not surprising that they will probably miss the playoffs.


Bet365 provides odds of 2.10 for an away victory, which despite being lower than what the bookmaker offered last night are still worth taking. With Kendrick on the mound, the Phillies are favorites to win and unless Braun has his best game this season, the few runs of support won’t be enough to deliver Wolf his second victory since May.