Tampa Bay is on a roll and even though it is a little too late to push for the lead in the Eastern division, the Rays are still favorites to win the wildcard. Baltimore might seem like the obvious rival, but simply the fact that they share the same division doesn’t mean that the Orioles are their only concern. LA Angels is a just as plausible rival and that’s why winning the series against them is vital.

Match: LA Angels vs Tampa Bay Rays

Bet: Tampa Bay Rays

Odds: bet365 2.35

The visitors can be thrilled with the way the series kicked off, as Tampa Bay won consecutive games by scoring 19 runs while conceding just three. The Angels are not generating enough runs and their starting pitchers were overwhelmed by the Rays offensive prowess. All of these are worrisome facts for C.J. Wilson who is still hunting of victory after a nine games drought. Despite his 3.32 ERA he has split his 18 decisions this season and August has been a particularly difficult month for the young pitcher.

Watch out for the Rays’ sting

Tampa Bay can capitalize on Wilson’s recent struggles and hand him his sixth consecutive defeat in almost 3 months. The pitcher has lost both starts against the Rays and still needs to figure out a way of handling Molina, Johnson, Upton and Rodriguez. These guys crushed Weaver last night and the Angels’ star pitcher was immediately retired after conceding seven runs in a single evening. Wilson is much more vulnerable right now and it’s most unlikely to see hm pitching deep into the game.

He will be opposed by Alex Cobb who without having the impressive ERA to showcase, is obviously on a roll and has a good chance of winning his eighth decision this season. This would still leave him tied with eight victories and eight defeats but unlike Wilson he is on an upswing. He is used to pitching seven innings or more, and given LA’s sudden offensive struggles the visitors are entitled to trust Cobb tonight.

BetPal Tip:

For some odd reason, the bookies are still trusting the hosts to break out of the slump and win their first victory in this decisive series. Bet365 is so confident that it offers Tampa Bay odds of no less than 2.35, which represent excellent value. While backing the visitors is a smart choice given the value existing in these odds, punters wouldn’t be wrong to wait a bit longer before placing their bets. The trend indicates that more people are supporting the hosts, which means that the odds for an away victory will only improve.