Ladbrokes is very generous this spring and tries to makes it easier for players who are unlucky to lose a bet due to unfortunate circumstances. Punters who have made football their game of choice should check out the promotions covering the entire weekend and some of the highly expected Champions League fixtures of next week. The bookmaker will return their stakes if the bet is a loser but some straightforward requirements are met, in the form of a free bet worth up to £25.

It all begins with the British Premier League, where Aston Villa is scheduled to face Liverpool at home. Any first goalscorer bet that is lost will be refunded as a free bet token if Luis Suarez scores either the first or the last goal. A similar proposition applies for the confrontation between Fulham and QPR, only this time Berbatov is the star of the promotion and will trigger the refund of any losing first goalscorer bet if he scores the first or the last goal.

By now punters should know the drill and when they will place a first goalscorer bet on Everton vs Stoke fixture should be looking for Nikica Jelavic to score first or last. The same safety net is set in place for the PSG vs Barcelona game only this time the multiple Golden Ball winner Lionel Messi will help players offset their losses. Just when you thought it can’t get any better than this, Ladbrokes will refund any first goalscorer bet in the Real Madrid vs Galatasaray match in the Champions League if the visitors score first.