German tennis fans should be in for a real treat on Sunday, as they will be able to enjoy a very exciting final match between the Swiss number one, Roger Federer, and the world’s number twenty-nine, Mikhail Youzhny.

Match: Mikhail Youzhny vs Roger Federer

Mikhail Youzhny

Source: chascow @ Flickr

Selection: Mikhail Youzhny

Best Odds: 7.10 @ Pinnacle

Everyone seems to be expecting a very straightforward victory for the Swiss legend and it needs to be said that it certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone to see Federer crushing the Russian very easily, as he has a truly outstanding record against him, which should give him some peace of mind after the tough match he had to play against Tommy Haas on Saturday. That match could have also given him some confidence, but it could have very easily also given him some additional doubts regarding his current form and overall future.

However, Mikhail Youzhny will surely want to have his own say in the matters, as he should feel unbelievably confident after beating Richard Gasquet without breaking much sweat. The interesting fact to remember is that Gasquet was coming into that match as a fairly big favorite, which makes Youzhny’s victory even more impressive than it is at first glance.

Federer has already experienced a solid number of letdowns this season, so, if there is any value in the outright markets right nows, it simply has to lie with the Russian. He is going to lose the match more often than not, but it is hard to believe that he is going to lose it six times out of seven tries. In reality, the number of likely defeats would be much closer to four or five, making this bet a very appealing one for punters that aren’t afraid of taking long odds.