The tennis world is still recovering from the showdown between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer that we saw on Sunday, but the tennis train has already moved to Miami, where the next big tournament begins on Wednesday.

Who Can Win?

Andy Murray

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Roger Federer has decided that two weeks of tennis were enough, so we aren’t going to see him compete over the next couple of day. However, Novak Djokovic will be there and that alone makes him the obvious favorite for the title – not only because he has won in Indian Wells, but also because he is undoubtedly the best player in the world at the moment. However, the odds for his win are rather short and there might be some fatigue involved, so we do not recommend backing him, even though he has been handed a very soft draw early on.

Those who are looking for a decent outright pick should probably look in the direction of Andy Murray, who played very good tennis in Indian Wells before falling apart completely in his semi-final match against the world’s number one. That might have hurt his confidence a bit, but, on the other hand, he should also be fresher than Djokovic, so he could be worth a shot at the current odds.

Potential Surprises

Tomas Berdych

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Apart from the bet on Andy Murray, there also seem to be some interesting betting opportunities hidden in the quarter betting. For example, while the first quarter of the draw might easily see Novak Djokovic dominating everyone, adventurous punters could certainly have a small play on Ivo Karlovic to win it. The conditions in Miami appear to be faster than those in Indian Wells and the Croat seems to be playing excellent tennis in this part of his career, so maybe he could do the unthinkable and make it to the semi-finals. He has already beaten Djokovic in this season, after all.

The second quarter of the draw is arguably the most balanced quarter of them all, with the bookies giving a slight preference to Kei Nishikori over Milos Raonic. That looks like a very reasonable assessment and we would not want to put anyone off a bet on either of the two, but, if you are looking for some juicy value, it is clear that you have to look past the duo. And who could be a better candidate than John Isner, who showed some good stuff in Indian Wells and who can beat anyone on a good day by simply serving well? He is not going to have it easy over the next couple of days and he will need to find his best in order to stand a chance, but we would much prefer backing him in the region of double-digit odds than backing Nishikori, who looked rather average last week, in the region of very short odds.

Finally, there is the fourth quarter of the draw, which has its natural favorite in Rafael Nadal. However, assuming that the Spaniard will be able to play his best tennis seems rather wrong, as he is yet to do that in the new season. Moreover, the Miami conditions have never really catered to his playing style and he is going to face some serious competition even in the early rounds of the event, so chances are that he will not make it very far. Tomas Berdych, the Czech number one, certainly appears to be a better choice in the betting. After all, he has not only already beaten Nadal in the new season, but he has also been the better player of the two since the season started. The odds for him are also much higher than the odds for the Spaniard, which makes the entire thing even more appealing for those of us who like chasing value all season long.

The Recommendations

Andy Murray to win Miami Masters 2015 (Best Odds: 6.50 @ Bet365)

Ivo Karlovic to win his quarter (Best Odds: 34.00 @ BetVictor)

John Isner to win his quarter (Best Odds: 12.00 @ BetVictor)

Tomas Berdych to win his quarter (Best Odds: 4.00 @ BetVictor)