For one reason or another, fans of lotto haven’t always been treated in the same way as fans of other games. Thankfully, LottoRace promises to be the breath of fresh air that could turn things around a little bit with its interesting gameplay, easy-to-use interface, and enjoyable graphics. But does it actually live up to the expectations? Well, we’ve had a closer look – and the following lines should give you a good idea about what to expect if you decide to take advantage of the outstanding first deposit bonus of up to £200.

Starting OutLottoRace

LottoRace is going to catch your attention straight away with its interface, which is more intuitive than you would expect it to be – and, before you start your very first game, you will be greeted by a very simple tutorial that will get you up to speed by walking you through an actual game. It is exactly like your usual lotto game, but there is the “race” factor in the sense that you compete directly against other players, hoping to outdo them with your lines in the given number of draws.

It is very simple and, most importantly, a lot of fun – and even more so if you can get a few friends along to play with you. We would definitely say that this is the most enjoyable social lotto game out there (you can even chat with your colleagues through the in-game chat), especially since you can get a very nice £10 bonus for both yourself and your friends through the refer-a-friend system.

Instant Games and Tournaments

After getting through the basics, you will be able to join the different games, which come in many shapes and sizes. On one hand, there are instant games – these games start whenever there is enough interest and whenever enough players place their lines. On the other hand, you can also join some of the scheduled tournaments that have a pre-determined starting time.

There are plenty of different rule sets to explore – some games pay only the winners, while some redistribute the chips much more evenly. There is plenty to choose from – if you want to get some action straight away, for example, you can simply join a head-to-head contest that will pitch you against a single opponent. If big prizes are what you want to compete for, simply join one of the bigger events or even a scheduled tournament – with a little bit of luck, you will soon be on your way to getting a share of prize pools that are worth thousands of pounds.

Is There More?LottoRace

There are bonus challenges that reward you for completing certain tasks, there are the so-called Bonobo points that you collect when playing the game and which can be converted into game entries, and there are semi-regular deposit bonuses that will make you come back for more.

To top things off, LottoRace also has an ever-growing Instant Jackpot that you can win by simply playing in a Jackpot game at the right time. And we should also mention that LottoRace is always coming up with new innovations – for example, there is the Poker Race variant for those of us who fancy seeing cards flying around from time to time – so LottoRace could be the website of choice for many years to come.

The VerdictLottoRace

At the end of the day, LottoRace is a dream come true for casual players that want to enjoy a lotto game that has been revamped and remixed into something very social and very modern. Its simple interface will allow newcomers to feel at home straight away (and there is a dedicated live chat option for those who will require quick help at any point), while experienced players are surely going to appreciate the range of games and special offers.

And the best thing? Well, LottoRace seems to be evolving at a decent speed, which is a thing that – strangely enough – seems to be pretty rare these days. Join in and start racing straight away – every single game will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience!