Tennis is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting due to the fact that there is so much action going on every single day. With the growing availability of coverage of the various tournaments, it is therefore no surprise that many punters have already tried their luck at live tennis betting. But what are the main concepts when it comes to live betting on tennis? This article will try to get you on the right track – but, at the end of the day, it will be up to you to find the style and approach that suit you best.

Doing the Pre-Match Analysis

The number one concept to remember is that you should always try to do a short pre-match analysis of the clash you are planning to bet on live. Even if you don’t want to plan in advance, it might be a good idea to at least go through the statistics before actually placing any bets. The point here is not for you to necessarily try to predict the winner, but for you to at least have an idea about how the match could develop and what there is to be expected from the match. That way, you will be able to identify whether the match has gone off the beaten track, getting a clearer idea of where the value might lie during live betting.

Following the Match – What to Look for

Of course, pre-match analysis should be followed by you actually watching the match, either on TV or on a live stream provided by a bookie like Bet365. If that is impossible, the absolute minimum is for you to at least have some kind of information source, perhaps in the form of live text coverage. Trying to bet without any sort of that is asking for trouble, as the bookie will always have a considerable advantage over you.

But what should you actually look for when watching the match? Apart from the obvious, you should try to focus as much as possible not only on the body-language of the players in general, but also on how they respond to the various changes in play. Matches are generally quite unbalanced, with the two sides trading blows and momentums – and the key to successful live betting is your ability to identify the spot when such a change is likely to happen. Experience is crucial – and it can be acquired only by watching and paying attention to how the odds move.

Backing Juicy Odds

Every punter has his own style when it comes to live tennis betting, but there is something to be said about the importance of going for the big odds from time to time in live betting. It is usually incredibly hard to predict big upsets pre-match, but those who follow all the matches live will soon be able to identify spots in which big upsets or surprising comebacks might be on the cards – and there really should be nothing to prevent you from backing those juicy odds once you identify that spots.

For what it’s worth, you may be wrong around 80% of the time (depending on the exact odds, of course) and still make a healthy profit, so don’t be afraid of going in – at least with a small stake – when you feel that the body-language of the given favourite has suddenly turned wrong or that the player who is on top is starting to feel very nervous about his or her position in the match. Once you hit the first few winners, you will start feeling more comfortable – and more winners will surely follow sooner rather than later.

Other Considerations

Everything can be mastered over time and there is a good case to be made for leaving punters to figure some things out on their own, but let us leave you with some points that should be kept in mind at all times:

First of all, it is incredibly important to be aware of the fact that live tennis betting tends to come with longer and bigger swings than pre-match betting, so it is of the utmost importance for you to change your bankroll management accordingly.

Secondly, don’t try to push things when betting on a particular match if something goes wrong. You will feel tempted to chase the losses, but the advice to follow here is to just leave that given match and wait for another one – after all, that shouldn’t be that hard with so much tennis going on every single day.

Finally, try to choose a few favourite players and specialize in their matches – you will soon find out that there is often easy money to be made once you discover the patterns that tend to be present with the various players. And remember – practice is the key when it comes to live betting.