Live betting and betting in playWhat makes a good in play betting site? The best bookmakers for live betting or in play betting need to provide an excellent all round service to be considered among the ‘best’.

We have highlighted some of the leading betting firms here – and illustrate what makes them market leaders in live and in-play betting.

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Betfair are the leading betting exchange and will be familiar to many punters. It was the betting exchanges that really sparked the idea of betting in play. The fluid nature of the exchange markets meant that the volatility involved in running a market during an event, was really no different to the intense few minutes before an event starts – so markets were created during an event to.

While traditional bookmakers have inevitably caught up, the betting exchanges remain among the leading firms to bet with in play. The price movements make it an ideal trading tool, which can never be fully replicated by traditional bookmakers. The ‘cash out’ function that Betfair introduced makes trading a viable option for those gamblers who are a little overwhelmed at the idea of ‘trading’. It simplifies the act of taking profits, or cutting losses, even before an event has finished.

As well as being the pioneers of in play betting, Betfair also tailor much of their development on live betting – it is a huge part of their entire operation. So there are regular apps and features released in order to simplify in play betting or help players make the most of the experience – the cash out button is the obvious example, but there are plenty of others. Another major strength is the Betfair Live Video area which streams a huge amount of sport live and direct to customers devices (including major football Leagues such as La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga). For sheer volume of events on offer, the exchange must be one of the leading streaming providers and combined with all the other benefits of betting exchanges, Betfair must be a considered as being among the best betting sites for live betting.


Bet365 operate one of the best in play areas currently online. During football matches, for example, the firm offer a service that shows, via graphics, pitch position and what is happening in the match, as well as all the up to the minute statistics. This service however, would only be used on the occasions when Bet365 are not streaming the game in question. The main reason that the firm make our ‘best’ list, is their huge range of streamed sports, from football to tennis. The Live streaming available with Bet365 really enhances the live betting experience and certainly opens up a whole wealth of betting opportunities to those who like to watch, and bet on, the event first hand.

Bet365 pride themselves on their in play offering and their season long advertising campaign has backed that up. They offer an extensive range of markets and coupled with the in play area on their website and the live streams, have to be added to the best list and are certainly the best of the traditional bookmakers for live betting.

William Hill

One of the traditional bookmakers making the biggest strides in terms of live betting and betting in play is William Hill. Their in play area of the website is improving all the time, as are their streamed services. They have overtaken many of their rivals in that regard. Hills also offer ‘William Hill radio’ which is another avenue over which customers can stay in touch with events. There are graphic displays akin to those of Bet365, but generally William Hill come a close second (in terms of traditional bookmakers), so still make the list, but have work to do to climb further – and they are showing the desire to do just that.


BetVictor have a strong in play area and are usually one of the leading firms on prices too. They do however, lack a little market depth and do not provide some of the additional options and functions of the very best live betting sites. They remain however, a pretty strong option for in play betting and should be considered in the ‘best’ list.


Unibet are worthy of mention in the ‘best’ list, mainly because they are able to offer something different to the majority of their competitors. The live betting area is a clear, customizable screen that makes in play betting simple. Unibet however, combine their streaming services with their live betting area, in much the same way as Bet365, which is great for customers. What makes Unibet unique however, is the list of events being screened. Many online bookmakers tend to show very similar events and Leagues, but Unibet seem to offer games that are not available elsewhere. This could be very valuable if customers are looking to specialise in certain markets that Unibet cover better than anyone else.


In play betting is the growth area in the betting industry and firms are trying to improve their offerings all the time. The firms listed above represent those bookmakers who we feel offer the best all round live betting experience, so if in play betting is of interest, these bookmakers merit consideration.