Grosvenor Casino and the 2015 on a positive note and it is highly motivated to maintain the same high standards now that the new year has started. The 1 million play points giveaway is exactly the kind of campaign that players were hoping for, with a guaranteed prize pool that is impossible to ignore. They’ve got plenty of active players, but even so, 1 million play points is a huge amount and the odds of winning at least a tiny portion are stacked in your favor.

It also helps that the promotion runs for more than one month, starting on January 4 and concluding on February 7, so time should be on the essence. Slot machine enthusiasts don’t have any reasons to worry about the online casino requiring them to shift to table games or video poker. This is a two-way street and everyone will rejoice hearing that every single game in the Grosvenor Casino collection will qualify for this campaign. In a nutshell, players won’t have to make any changes to their betting routine and can keep up whatever they are doing and still be enlisted in this race.

What all participants need to do is to deposit €10 and then start wagering the amount on the available games on desktop computers and mobile devices. By doing so, they will enter the 1 million play points giveaway and each time they wager an additional €10, the chances of winning a prize will increase. Another thing that players should be aware of is that they are expected to visit the website at least six times during the promotional period. This is hardly a problem for those who play the games in instant format, as they use the web browser as a gambling platform.