Ladbrokes exchange takes Betfair head on, and they have offered to double Betfair points balances for customers making the move to Ladbrokes Exchange. Accumulated points can mean discounted rates of commission – and therefore big savings. Double points mean double the discount!

Ladbrokes exchange Points Match Offer

Ladbrokes Exchange Betfair Points Match offerPoints earned via regular use of Betfair can lead to reduced commission from the usual rate of 5%. Ladbrokes are offering to double those points balances  - and therefore double the discount – for Betfair customers who make the switch to Ladbrokes. In order to collect double points from Betfair balances, new customers should take note of the T&Cs below;

Double Your Discount – Terms and Conditions:
To qualify customers must email or tweet a screenshot of their Betfair points balance to or @ladbrokesexch from April 1st to May 31st.
All qualifying customers will receive double their Betfair discount rate e.g: If a customer sends a screenshot of 32,000 Betfair points (this is a discount rate of 32%/3.4% commission), Ladbrokes Exchange will double it to a 64% rate moving that customer from 3.4% Betfair commission to 2% Ladbrokes Exchange commission.
Qualifying customer will be credited the equivalent Ladbrokes Exchange points to reflect their new exchange commission.
Ladbrokes Exchange points decay by 15% every Monday at 4am.
Qualifying customers can achieve a minimum commission rate of 2%.
To qualify customers must have a fully activated and verified Ladbrokes Exchange account.

With liquidity levels growing all the time on the Ladbrokes exchange, new customers can take full advantage of points balances held elsewhere.