The Labouchère System is a slightly more complex casino betting strategy. With this particular roulette system, we need to set a pre-determined target figure and betting unit. Let’s say we are aiming to win $50 and we’re going to place $5 bets in order to achieve this.

Write a list of numbers on a sheet of paper that add up to our target amount. it can be as short or as long as you like (longer lists will make for a longer playing session).

We will use 3-2-3-2 as an example (each number represents a unit, so these figures in our example represent bets of $15, $10, $15 and $10 – a total of $50). This sequence will decide how much we should bet on each spin of the roulette wheel. We will be betting on the even money propositions.

Let’s say that we bet on black. The size of our first bet is determined by the numbers on either end of our list – in this case 3 and 2, which means 3 $5 units and 2 $5 units – a $25 stake. If we win, we cross these numbers off the list (leaving us with just 2-3) and if we lose, we add the units lost to the end of our list (which would give us a sequence of 3-2-3-2-5).

Assume that our bet won, so we have made $25 in profit and have a sequence of 2-3. This means another 5 unit bet (2+3) – in our example this means $25 – and we bet on another even money prospect. Let’s say red this time.

Our bet wins and we cross the two numbers off our list, leaving us with no more bets left. We have won two $25 bets so we have attained our target figure of $25 and can walk away from the casino.

The Pros

The main benefit of this particular roulette system lies within the mathematics. We are playing the even money propositions which have a roughly 50% chance of winning (it is of course slightly less due to the presence of the 0 and 00 pockets; 47.37% at an American roulette wheel and 48.65% on a European wheel). But with the Labouchère, we only need to win 33.34% of the time to come out in profit.

As we are removing two numbers from the list with each successful wager, but adding just one for a loss, hitting 1 winner in 3 will keep us exactly where we are. Anything better than this 33.33% strike rate will see us eventually coming out on top. We are statistically likely to win 48.65% of our European roulette bets, so we like those odds.

The Cons

The Labouchère System is just as susceptible to long losing runs as any, so in theory it’s possible to bump into the casino’s betting limits which will ruin the system. Also, the complicated nature of the system can be difficult to keep track of – a pen and paper are absolutely necessary.