Chicago has one more chance to win on the road and level the score in the series and they desperately need one victory in Los Angeles. The Kings are finally in control after trailing opponents in each of the series, but they need to keep up the tempo if they are to avoid another late season meltdown.

Match: LA Kings vs Chicago

Bet: Chicago Moneyline

Odds: Winner Sports 2.00

Chicago was impressive in the first period in each of the matches so far, outshooting and overwhelming defenses, but failed to hold on to those narrow leads. In the most recent fixture, the Blackhawks scored twice in the first 20 minutes, with Toews being the author of both goals. He was served brilliantly by Rozsival but the most impressive part is that he scored the first goal unassisted, while his team was playing with one man less.

This is the Achilles heel for the Kings, who are still struggling to convert their power play opportunities, while being only mediocre at defending with a man down. Goal scoring production was not an issue for neither team, with the Blackhawks scoring 8 goals and Los Angeles 11. The two Patricks did their part and both Kane and Sharp scored twice in this series, but they were prevented from playing at full potential, by an excellent defense.

BetPal Tip:

The Kings have momentum and when they do, it is hard to stop them in their tracks, but Chicago is not the team to give up when opponents take the lead in the series. A moneyline wager on the Blackhawks to win with overtime and shootouts included is priced at even value by Winner Sports and is the best choice for punters interested in this fixture.