So far no team found a way to crack the Los Angeles Kings’ extraordinary home ice advantage but if any team can do it then this is Chicago. The Blackhawks had a 2-0 advantage when they traveled to Staples Center, but unless they bring the hosts’ winning streak to an end tonight they will return home tied 2-2.

Match: LA Kings vs Chicago

Bet: LA Kings

Odds: William Hill 2.50

The Kings try to become one of the few teams who successfully defended their Stanley Cup and so far they did a brilliant job. The problem in this series is that even though they maintain their invincibility at home, Chicago will play the decisive game in front of its fans. A long-term forecast would suggest that the Kings will go down in seven games, but the LA team can’t afford to think ahead more than a game.

All they need to do right now is tying the score and they have a good reason to be optimistic about their chances, now that the visitors will play without Duncan Keith. His brutal intervention against Jeff Carter in Game 3 led to his suspension and given the fact that he is considered to be a repeat offender he’s in danger of missing the Stanley cup final if his team gets that far. For the time being the Blackhawks will have to replace him for just one game, but Keith is their best defender and finding a replacement is hard.

BetPal Tip:

Despite the fact that LA Kings extended its winning streak in the playoffs, bookmakers keep increasing their odds and now William Hill has been priced at 2.50. Go with the flow and bet on their invincibility to continue because the Kings have what it takes to prevail in regulation time.