There is a big summer of sports coming up, which makes it the perfect time to find a hot new sports betting site to launch, enter Kicksbet!

This site, which comes from an illustrious casino provider, is them branching out into the fantastic world of sports betting and it is sure to be something special.

Although the lid on this one has been kept firmly closed, very little gets by us, so we can have a safe bet about what is on offer from what we have heard and the market at the moment.

Read below to find out what we reckon this site will have in store for you!

Kicksbet Betting Options

At Kicksbet, you can expect to find all manner of different options to bet on both the most popular sports, such as football, hockey, and basketball, as well as more niche games like Hurling and Aussie Rules football.

However, it won’t just be winners you are going to be getting the option to bet on, with most decent sports site offering betting on things like halftime results, fouls and other such in-game incidents, and Kicksbet will be no different.

It is also quite likely to have a bet-in play option and maybe even a cashout early options for certain events.

We would also expect the see the option to bet on social and political events, like the Eurovision Song Contest, or national elections, and so on.

As such, you should be filled to the brim with betting options that you can partake in.

Kickbets Promotion

In an ever competitive online gaming industry, you can be sure to get some equally competitive deals when you join Kicksbet.

Due to the fact they are a late-comer to the scene and they have a big name provider backing them up, this is almost a sure thing.

You can expect most likely a decent Free Bet deal to get you started and winning some money, or perhaps a cashback deal instead, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Sports site tend to shy away from match bonuses of high amounts, but who knows, as a brand new casino on the market, they might try and break the mould in this area!

Who knows what the welcome bonus will be, but like all sports betting sites, you can expect special periodic promotions for certain sporting events in the calendar, like the World Cup or Six Nations for example!

Kicksbet Mobile Platform

One thing sure to be on the menu at Kicksbet is a fantastically designed mobile site which allows you to play on the go!

As they are new for 2018, it is pretty much guaranteed, as playing sports on the go is crucial to ensuring regular big wins for players!

We’re not sure about an app from the get-go, but if it doesn’t have one from the beginning, it will definitely have one before long!

Kicksbet Customer Service

Kicksbet is guaranteed to have an email service, as it is industry standard. As well as this, we are fairly certain a live chat service will be in place too as this is becoming commonplace, especially for newly launched casino with an influx of new players. Telephone numbers are fading out of the industry, but it is still possible that they will have one.

Kicksbet Banking

Kicksbet is likely to offer transactions services for most major credits and maybe some smaller one too. It will also probably have some e-wallets supported too.


We personally cannot wait to see what this site has in store, however, we are sure that is will be something very special indeed!

With an unofficial launch date, the suspense is really building up, but it is likely to be worth the wait!

However, if you can’t wait, check out William Hill for some sporting action today!

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