Pablo Andujar upset David Ferrer in Barcelona, setting up an exciting showdown between himself and Kei Nishikori in the finals.

Match: Kei Nishikori vs Pablo Andujar

Kei Nishikori

Source: si.robi @ Flickr

Selection: Kei Nishikori (-4.5 games)

Best Odds: 1.83 @ Paddy Power

However, those who were able to see some of the matches in Barcelona know how lucky Andujar actually has been in the recent rounds. He needs to be given a lot of credit for beating so many tough opponents and that victory over David Ferrer will surely be remembered for a very long time, but the clash saw him playing against a very different Ferrer than we all know and admire. The world’s number eight was lacking his usual class and made an unbelievable number of weird errors, it just took a focused Andujar to capitalize on that and win the match.

Kei Nishikori will be a completely different beast and he will surely want to defend his title in style. So far, he’s spent very little time on the courts. Every match he’s played saw him improving by a decent margins, so we expect everything to culminate tomorrow. He’s much better than Andujar in almost every single facet of the game and he also has plenty of experience with important matches – unlike Andujar, who spends most of his time well below this level of play. The Japanese number one is not going to make as many mistakes as Ferrer did and he also has a serve that carries a decent punch, so Andujar’s chances will be limited to the minimum, which could lead to a very lopsided scoreline at the end of the day. The Spaniard has done well to get to the finals and we appreciate his determination, but a win tomorrow is extremely unlikely in our view.