Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels, said that Bond’s method of playing roulette was the best way to earn yourself the “price of a good dinner”. But was he right, or is this betting strategy just another work of fiction?

The ‘James Bond’ roulette system requires a starting stake of $200 and a single spin of a European roulette wheel. Bet as follows:

  • $10 on 0
  • $50 on the six-line 13-18
  • $140 on the high numbers (19-36)

If we hit 0, we receive $360, for a profit of $160 – this is our desired outcome

If we hit any number from 13 to 18, we collect $300; a profit of $100

If the ball lands anywhere from 19 to 36, we win $280, which is $80 of profit

The only numbers that are bad for us are 1-12, in which case we lose all $200 and can either walk away, or try again with double the stake, which is risky. This will happen just 12/37 times, or 32.43% of the time.

The Pros

When playing roulette, the longer we play for, the closer we get to the house edge. So in other words, the more we play, the lower the chances of benefiting from some positive variance (or in layman’s terms – “getting lucky”) so by utilising the James Bond strategy, we are hoping to get in and out as quickly as possible.

We are going to win the price of a good dinner more than 67% of the time using this system.

The Cons

If we are unlucky, which will happen around a third of the time, we lose $200 in one go. If you’re not able to handle the emotions that come with that experience, then the James Bond system is not for you.