Football has a very long tradition in Italy and it goes without saying that Italy’s top football league, which is also known as Serie A, is one of the leagues that are closely watched by punters from across the planet every single week. No small details escapes their attention, especially if they want to bet on the league with profits in sight – and neither should they escape your attention if you decide to follow their lead.

Betting on the Top Teams

Like virtually all of the major football leagues, even Serie A has its elite that usually finds itself at the top positions at the end of every single season and that also usually does quite well in the main cup competition. There have been some major shock-waves going through the top level of the Italian league in recent months and years, but it seems that the dust has already settled a little bit and that it can be said that the two teams from Milan, AC Milan and Inter Milan, are still the main teams to beat. And you can certainly add Juventus to the mix as well – and not just for historical reasons. Meanwhile, the two teams from Rome – AS Roma and Lazio – have been sneaking closer to the top once again in recent times, while the Napoli squad is also very dangerous, both in Serie A and in the European competitions.

Matches between the top teams always tend to be very dramatic and, due to the fan support those teams enjoy, home advantage is usually a very important factor. Surprisingly often, you can see the top teams engaging in fairly high-scoring affairs, which is something that is not usually the case in other major European leagues and something that you should always keep in mind.

Italian Teams in Europe

Since there are plenty of European football spots up for grabs in Italian football, those who follow Serie A can put their knowledge to good use when it comes to the European competitions as well. The interesting thing to note here is that Italian teams are quite good when it comes to travelling, which is something that was once again evident in the early stages of the Champions League and the Europa League in 2012. In the former, AC Milan managed to get 6 points from the away matches, winning against Zenit Saint Petersburg and Anderlecht, while Juventus got five. Meanwhile, in the latter, Inter Milan managed to record two wins and one loss during its travels, which is a really good record no matter from which angle you want to look at it.

The Dark Side of Serie A

Unfortunately, recent years have shown that the Italian football might actually have a really dark side. There have always been some speculations about some of the matches being a bit weird, but an official inquiry into the matter was needed in order to bring everything into the spotlight.

What ensued was a real shock to many, as plenty of teams came under close scrutiny and only a few of them emerged from it with a completely clean record. Some of those problems are still apparent nowadays. For example, even the 2012/2013 season saw four teams getting a points deduction for their practices. The team from Siena received the harshest penalty of six points, Atalanta lost two points, and two teams – Sampdoria and Torino – got a deduction of a single point.

Closing Thoughts

Serie A has always been one of the major football leagues in the world and that trend is not going to end anytime soon. Even though it has its dark side, it is attractive and full of quality players, so both football fans and football bettors can find something interesting in it. The fact that it is so popular makes it hard for the punters to make decent cash from it, but then again, those who can should be able to do that quite easily, as there are plenty of markets on offer at most bookies and the main ones come with very high limits.