In a time of unparalleled competition, Bookmakers continue to innovate with new bets and markets in order to keep money coming in. These choices can offer punters new opportunities to win.


New markets

With almost every angle of an event covered by existing markets, bookmakers have sought to combine bet types in order to create fresh concepts.

One such example is the range of bets that Ladbrokes offer, known as the ‘Quatro’. These bets combine match odds with over/under type bets, for example;

Arsenal to Win and 3 or more goals in the match: 5/4 (2.25)

The odds on a straight Arsenal win for the same match were 8/13 (1.6).

While these bets appear to add a layer of complexity, they can also create value.


How to take advantage

In order to ensure these bets are used effectively, additional analysis is required before striking a bet. In the example above, Arsenal would also have been priced up winning with a total of less than 3 goals, and their opponents (on this occasion, Wigan Athletic) would be priced up for both over 2.5 and under as well (Four outcomes – hence the ‘Quatro’). So a fair price needs to be calculated for each of the four possibilities before true value on these new markets can be assessed – as with any bet.

If a punter has a strong feeling that the favourites will win the contest in a high scoring thriller, enhanced odds might be available via this market. Likewise, a match looking like being a tight, defensive clash, could be a candidate for Under 2.5 goals and therefore bigger potential prices on both teams.

The bet is, however, essentially a ‘double’, so there is the risk that the winners might be called correctly, but the goal element is wrong, causing the bet to go down.

Astute bettors will always seek out and analyse these new markets. Any opportunity to extract value needs to be explored. Often, when forming an idea of how a game might go regarding the match odds market, an overall picture of the game will be laid out. On occasion, this thought process will also lead to a general opinion on the number of goals, and with the Quatro option, a bet with a superior ‘fit’ to simple match odds is on offer.

In the example above, Arsenal romped home against Wigan, winning 4-0, despite being away from home. Those on at 2.25 with 3 goals or more, looked much shrewder than those on the 1.6 match odds price.