This week’s tournament in Antwerp is going to see some interesting clashes between young players and more experienced ones – and chances are that youth is going to prevail in at least some of them.

Match: Indy de Vroome vs Tsvetana Pironkova

Tsvetana Pironkova

Source: Carine06 @ Flickr

Selection: Indy de Vroome

Best Odds: 3.90 @ Pinnacle

The first round meeting between Tsvetana Pironkova and Indy de Vroome is undoubtedly one of the candidates for that to happen, as the Bulgarian is one of those players that play either extremely well or extremely poorly. In some tournaments, she can beat top 10 players with ease. In other, she can struggle to string games together against players ranked far below her. In which category this event will fall into is yet to be known, but there is a decent chance that it will fall into the latter, as Pironkova is going to face a fairly tricky opponent in her first match of the week.

Indy de Vroome is still ranked outside the top 200, but she is still young and improving, so the rankings do not matter that much – her current form does. And, when it comes to that, she seems to be in a pretty good position at the moment, as she has qualified for the main draw by beating three solid players (Kania, Dolonc, and Siniakova). The Antwerp conditions seem to suit her very well and the three somewhat surprising victories should give her a lot of confidence to work with, so those who are looking for an underdog to back tomorrow should definitely consider a bet on Indy de Vroome. There might be a big gap between the two in the current ranking list, but that factor should be largely irrelevant as far as this match is concerned.