The growing popularity of tennis has brought plenty of opportunities for bettors that like to spend their time betting in-play, as there are streams – and live betting markets – available for virtually every single tennis match that takes place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the in-play tennis betting strategies you can employ during your own betting forays.

Strategies for Betting in play

When watching a match, you’re sometimes going to get a feeling that nothing surprising can happen. One of the players might simply appear to be way too disgruntled or out of depth. In that case, you should probably think about going with the flow and backing the leading player to cover a larger handicap line or for the current set to feature only a handful of games. In men’s tennis, you can usually get good odds for a set being decided by more than just a single break, so that could be an alternative worth checking out if one of the guys out there appears to be struggling heavily.

Betting on Comebacks

Dominika Cibulkova

Source: karlnorling @ Flickr

Sometimes, on the other hand, it might start to look that one of the players is just about to make a comeback. For example, the player in lead might start to miss his or her shots, get a slight injury, or just lose his or her confidence for some reason. Women’s tennis can be a truly profitable hunting ground for those who don’t mind waiting around patiently before a good opportunity arises, as surprising comebacks seem to be on the cards nearly every single day on the women’s tour. Even if you don’t feel like betting on a given day, it might still be a good idea to track the matches and make some notes about who threw away a big lead or who managed to come back for a desperate position. History does tend to repeat itself, after all.

New tennis betting strategies: Breaks and Service Holds

Finally, it’s also an interesting idea to bet on breaks and service holds. These things are still novelties, so there’s plenty of room for innovation and independent research, but one thing is absolutely clear – these bets all come down to identifying who’s got the momentum and who’s the player doing most of the work in a given moment. If you can guess correctly when a break’s going to come in men’s tennis, you’ll be on your way to riches very quickly, as the odds for breaks tend to be very juicy. The downside is that you’ll need to spend a lot of time watching tennis in order to develop an eye for these things.

Choosing the Right Bookmaker

There’s only one question that remains to be answered – who is the best bookmaker for in-play tennis betting? Right now, there’s no doubt that it’s Bet365. Not only are they offering the largest amount of markets, but they’re also the best when it comes to their live streaming services. If you’re serious about your in-play tennis betting, you simply have to check them out – they really are that good.