Hyeon Chung, one of the most talented youngsters on the tour at the moment, has apparently decided to try his luck in the tournament in Houston – and, right now, he is doing so well that he might even trouble Fernando Verdasco in the second round there.

Match: Hyeon Chung vs Fernando Verdasco


Source: Marc Di Luzio @ Flickr

Selection: Hyeon Chung (+1.5 sets)

Best Odds: 2.11 @ Pinnacle

One could naturally argue that Verdasco is a very established veteran that has seen everything and done everything, but, in recent times, he seems to be having problems with players that are ranked below him. The excellent match that he played against Rafael Nadal in Miami showed that he knows how to get motivated for the big and important contests, but his other matches in Miami showed that he is not a player you could trust all the time. He will probably feel that there is not much danger in this particular match-up, but those of us who have seen Chung play recently know that there is.

Chung might be very young, but he has been doing a lot on the main tour recently and with a lot of success, so he should be given a lot of credit. He might be currently ranked eighteen places below the elite hundred, but he is much better than that from the quality point of view. He is not as good as the Spaniard just yet, that much needs to be said, but he compensates for that by playing his heart out, just like he did against Tomas Berdych in Miami. If he delivers a similar performance tomorrow, the world’s number thirty will have his work cut out, so we recommend backing Hyeon Chung on the set handicap at a very nice price.