Only three rounds are left in the Czech first flight and Hradek Kralove is on the brink of being relegated. If they don’t find a way of winning at home against Pribam, the remaining two rounds won’t be sufficient to accumulate the necessary points for staying in Liga 1.

Match: Hradek Kralove vs Pribam                    

Bet: Hradek Kralove

Odds: Bet365 2.38

The hosts have been playing without two veterans in the defense for five consecutive games and it comes as no surprise that they’ve lost four of them while conceding a total of eight goals. The sole victory was earned against Teplice, another team that is in danger of relegating, although it has a minimum advantage over the struggling group. Facing Pribam at home provides Hradek Kralove with an excellent opportunity of getting within striking distance of Banik Ostrava while hurting the chances of their main rival.

Even if the hosts prevailed tonight, there is no guarantee that they will earn the necessary points in the final rounds against the leading Plzen and experienced Slovan Liberec. Pribam on the other hand will have to put all precautions aside, because despite their three point advantage over Kralove, they are still drifting within the relegation area. Wagner and Trapp are their top scorers and both players have sustained injuries in the most recent games. If either of them fails to play his A-game for the entire 90 minutes, Pribam will have very few options upfront and could well shift into a defensive gear.

BetPal Tip:

It would be an understatement to say that Hradek Kralove plays the most important game of the season, as anything but a straight victory would send them straight to Liga 2. Bet365 offers spectacular odds of 2.38 for a home win, making this game just as exciting for punters as it is for the fans of the teams involved.