Would you like to know how to bet on sports for no risk? That’s right, it is possible to place sports bets and guarantee profit. Do you want to find out how to calculate these sure bets? Of course you do!

These sure bets come about by utilising a number of different bookmakers whose markets are priced differently.

Imagine a football match – let’s say Barcelona vs Real Madrid – priced up by two different bookmakers as in the following example:

William Hill have the match priced up as follows:

Real Madrid – 4.20
Draw – 3.80
Bracelona – 1.80

While Bet365 bet as follows:

Real Madrid – 3.70
Draw – 3.40
Bracelona – 2.10

Clearly, the odds compilers at William Hill think that Barcelona are big favourites to win this football match, but the people at Bet365 think it will be slightly closer than that, making Barcelona’s odds slightly larger, whilst reducing the odds of Real Madrid and the draw.

This is a situation that an astute sports better can take advantage of, because here is a chance to place a sure bet.

By backing every outcome of the football match – Real Madrid to win, Barcelona to win and the Draw – we can guarantee profit. Here’s how:

If we bet £24.36 on Real Madrid to win and £26.92 on the Draw with William Hill, plus £48.72 on Barcelona to win with Bet365, then irrespective of the match’s outcome, we guarantee a profit of £2.31 from our stake of £100!

How do we calculate this sure bet? Simply divide £1 by the best odds of each outcome and add them up. If the total comes to less than £1, then we have a sure bet.

Real Madrid – 4.20 (William Hill); £1 / 4.20 = £0.24
Draw – 3.80 (William Hill); £1 / 3.80 = £0.26
Bracelona – 2.10 (Bet365); £1 / 2.10 = £0.48

£0.24 + £0.26 + £0.48 = £0.98 = a sure bet opportunity.

If you place these calculated stakes on each of these odds, then you will be placing a total of £0.98 to win £1. As you can see, that’s a profit of £0.02!

But £0.02 is hardly going to make us rich, so we need to increase the total stake. Multiply all the figures involved by 100 and you’ll find that you are staking a total of  £100 and your profit has also increased, to £2.31 in this case.

If you have a larger sports betting bankroll, you could multiply these figures by 500, making for a total stake of £500 and total guaranteed profit of £11.54!

A concept similar to that of the sure bet, is matched betting. In this case, you take advantage of the betting exchanges, such as Betfair, to both back and lay an outcome.

For example, let’s say that William Hill have Arsenal priced at 4.20 to beat Manchester United. If you place a bet of £10 on this outcome and Arsenal win the football match, you will win returns of £42 (£32 of profit, plus your £10 stake).

If you can lay the same outcome of Arsenal beating Manchester United on Betfair – or in other words, bet on Arsenal not to win (to draw or lose the match), then you can guarantee profit.

Let’s simply things for now by pretending that commission doesn’t exist on the betting exchanges. If you successfully lay Arsenal at odds of 4.00 for a £10.50 stake, in addition to backing them with William Hill at 4.20, then if Arsenal win the game, you win £42 from William Hill but must pay out £41.50 on Betfair, for a total profit of 50p.

If Arsenal lose, you keep the £10.50 staked at Betfair, but you lose your original £10 bet with William Hill , for a total profit of 50p.

So as you can see, you will guarantee a 50p profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

Both of these methods of calculating sure bets are more properly known as arbitrage bets, but whatever you choose to call them, they are a guaranteed way to increase the amount of profit in your sports betting bankroll!

Good luck in finding those sure bets!