How to bet on Football: Football betting is a multi-million pound industry that continues to grow and grow. This expansion has meant a wealth of new betting markets, terminology and ways to bet. This can all be a little too much for new bettors, so here at Betpal, we will attempt to separate the wood from the trees. From coupons to betting in play, we explain how to bet on football.

How to bet on football – Introduction

How to bet on footballMany years ago the only method of betting on football was via the football coupon, and there were restrictions on how bets could be struck. These rules were all in place to prevent match fixing or similar skulduggery. These laws were relaxed some time ago, and betting on single matches was permitted – from this point football betting has absolutely mushroomed, and there is now hardly any element of a football match that cannot be wagered on. From the time of the first throw in, to the shirt number of the goal scorers, or the amount of injury time – there is nothing that the bookmakers have not covered. It is little wonder that some find the choice bewildering.

Where to bet on football

The traditional place to put on a bet would be the bricks and mortar bookmakers on the high street. Each have their own football coupon (pictured), which is a list of the upcoming fixtures. The format tends to change slightly between betting shops, but the general principles are the same. The coupon will list the games in columns, with odds alongside each team, and the odds on a draw between them, or to one side. A punter marks another box alongside the fixture with a ’1′ to bet on a home win, a ’2′ for an away win, and an ‘X’ for a draw. There will then be a box towards the foot of the slip to enter the stake.

These coupons are also used for accumulators. These are simply bets on more than one game. So a punter may want to bet on Everton beating Stoke, and also Arsenal winning at Norwich. As the fixtures are listed in columns, it is very easy to make the selection for one game, then above or beneath it, add a selection for another. If the two selections are on the same column on the coupon, they are treated as one bet (a “double”) – in other words both selections need to be correct in order to get a payout. The odds though, get much bigger, as they are multiplied. Assume Everton were even money (2.0), and Arsenal are 6/4 (2.5). A £10 bet would return £50;

£10 winner at Evens (2.0) = £20 (Including stake)
that rolls or ‘accumulates’ on to the next selection;
£20 winner at 6/4 (2.5) = £50

This illustrates how quickly odds can rocket with accumulators (“acca’s”).

Once the coupon is filled in, the betting shop will take it and return a slip which confirms all the selections, the stake, and the potential winnings. The coupon can be used for singles (one match) or accumulators up to twelve or even fifteen games – most bookmakers cap payouts at one million pounds – but that should be plenty!

Football betting Online

How to bet on football onlineStriking a bet online is much more simple. The same principals of the coupon apply, as games are generally laid out on screen in the same way. Selection is much easier however, there is no need for any 1X2 markings – simply click on the selection. Accumulators can be built by clicking multiple teams or results, and with most online bookmakers there will be a betting slip visible that adds each selection and calculates the potential odds. It is much easier to remove selections online (with a coupon it is a case of screwing it up and starting another!). With online bookmakers, selections can be changed and removed as many times as is required, as can the stake, before the bet is confirmed.

This covers the most basic elements of betting on football, but we have barely scratched the surface. Read some of our other articles below for more in-depth analysis, betting strategy and information on specific betting markets or terminology.

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