Christmas tends to catch us off-guard way too often and people scramble to make the proper arrangements with just a few days before the deadline. Grosvenor Casino will help you avoid all those predicaments and properly celebrate the upcoming holiday, with its Christmas package.

The announcement was recently made on the official website and those who have an account with the aforesaid casino should get ready for parties. They will start on November 27 and will come to an end on December 24, with the classic packages including a festive three course dinner and a free five euro bet for each guest. The winners will also be taught how to play various casino games, which should ensure that the gaming experience will be memorable.

Grosvenor Casino members can also choose their own party packages, with the options including two course lunches, festive sharing platters, sparkling drinks and poker parties. While preparing for these festivities, online players should also take full advantage of the Free Spins Friday promotions which run on a weekly basis.

Throughout October, the online casino will be giving away 1500 free spins and all that members need to do is to play the game of the week. Elvis the King Lives was the selected slot machine and the name of the new game will be announced tomorrow. Virtually anyone is eligible for this promotion and all they need to do is to opt in for Free Spins Friday and wager €20 on the selected slot machine.