Once again BetPal have delivered a finalist in a major greyhound racing competition. After two competitions wins, and two second place finishes, of late, Eden Star will run in the final of the Monmore Gold Cup, and attempt to be the third winner, after being advised to back the greyhound ante-post at 6/1. You can read that selection by clicking here. Eden Star is now a best-priced 7/4 favourite for the competition with Ladbrokes, showing that irrespective of whether he delivers the win, you made an excellent value choice in following our selection. Below we will preview the six remaining greyhounds in the competition and outline their chances whilst looking to provide you with the best greyhound racing betting tip for the race.

Trap 1: Shaneboy Spencer – Best Price 2/1 bet365

The antepost favourite, Shaneboy Alley, failed to make the final of the Gold Cup but Shaneboy Spencer took away some of that disappointment for the McNair camp by progressing to the final.

After barely making it past the first round, Spencer took the scalp of Eden Star in the semi-finals, making the most of a slow start by Star to always lead and win in a good time  of 28:19s.

The start of the race is key to Shaneboy Spencer’s chances of winning the competition as he really needs to lead to win in my eyes. It looks like he can hold off Lemon Pluto in trap two in the dash to the bend but can he hold off Eden Star this time who is likely to trap better and attempt to cut them off from trap four.

If you think Shaneboy Spencer can lead then take the 2/1 on offer with bet365 as the price is not matched anywhere else and you benefit from ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ should Eden Star be heavily backed seeing Spencer’s price drift.

Trap 2: Lemon Pluto – Best Price 5/2 Paddy Power

It takes a brave man to rule out a Charlie Lister-trained greyhound in a final with the prime example being Sidaz Jack’s 2013 Greyhound Derby victory at a big price and Lemon Pluto will attempt to win another major competition for Lister.

Perhaps quite shockingly for the punter, Lemon Pluto is the third favourite for the race but is still as short as 5/2, which is due to the fact we have two 33/1 chances in the wide boxes.

In Lemon Pluto’s last four Monmore races he has led by the 2nd bend and that will need to be the case in the final if he is to have a chance of winning with the key element of the race being whether he can lead Shaneboy Spencer.

Based on the sectional splits of the two greyhounds it looks like the best he can hope for is to go up level with Spencer and hope to avoid trouble and take control between bends one and two. For me that is a big ask as it looks like Shaneboy Spencer might move slightly right at the first bend which could lead to trouble.

If you think Lemon Pluto can avoid the trouble and grab a lead the head to Paddy Power for their best priced 5/2.

Trap 3: Express Giant – Best Priced 28/1 bet365

It is quite clear that Express Giant has a lot to find on the favourites in this race, based on both his comparitive performances and his 28/1 quote from bet365.

The likelihood is that he gets swamped in the early part of the race with all the excellent early pace around him and from there he would have no chance.

Express Giant needs the race to play out with him somehow being left clear at the first bend.

Trap 4: Eden Star – Best Priced 7/4 Ladbrokes

Our antepost selection and to our eye still looks like the most likely winner if excusing his poor trapping in the semi-final where he lost out to Shaneboy Spencer. He did show early pace in that race despite the poor start and still ran a respectable 28:31s with trouble in a couple of spots.

It is key that he traps well in the final and the belief is that a repeat of the likes of his 4:20s or 4:23s recent sectional splits will see him lead the race with none of the other greyhounds likely to match that early pace.

At first trap 4 might looks a negative but his trainer, Barrie Draper, actually switched him to middle seed for the Derby (although he is back to unseeded now) and it looks a good trap for him to work from in this race, and definitely a better fit than trap one would have been.

There could be trouble between the two inside traps and Eden Star will cut across them all and to grab the lead to have his backers screaming in joy as his ‘always led’ time of 28:00s in the first round shows he is in great form when on the bunny.

Ladbrokes offer 7/4 but it is already a fair bit shorter elsewhere.

Trap 5: Freddy Thelegend – Best Priced 33/1 Paddy Power

Another Charlie Lister trained Category One finalist and like previously stated it is foolish to ever rule his dogs out but this does look tough for Freddy Thelegend, hence the 33/1 quotes from Paddy Power.

Would really need to step it up to get competitive in this race but of the two Charlie Lister trained greyhounds I would much rather back Freddy Thelegend at 33/1 than Lemon Pluto at 5/2 or shorter. Will need a lot of trouble on the inside and will also need to produce his swiftest of starts to capatalise.

Trap 6: Lightning Sky – Best Priced 33/1 bet365

Quite unusual to see a semi-final winner at 33/1 in the final but that is what we have here with Lightning Sky who has most recently been mixing it in the top grade here at Monmore but has a lot to find of most of the rest.

Masses of trouble occurred in his semi-final and he’ll need to hope for a repeat of that, plus some, to get competitive.



Once again, BetPal followers can be delighted with their antepost slips in a greyhound competition with the 6/1 for Eden Star looking very juicy at this point. If you possess one of those slips, sit back and enjoy the race, but if you don’t, I genuinely believe that Eden Star is still the most likely winner and should be backed to win the race. Eden Star is available to back at a best priced 7/4 with Ladbrokes.