With three rounds to be played, Granada and Osasuna have a four points lead over Deportivo, the team with the best chance of clawing its way out of the relegation area. As the two teams meet tonight in Granada, a draw would benefit both as a single point would keep the gap separating them from Deportivo wide enough.

Match: Granada vs Osasuna                 

Bet: Draw

Odds: Betfair 3.25

Granada won just four games at home this season, the fewest among all teams in the Primera Division, but still enough to keep them afloat. Their objective for this season was to avoid relegation and so far they are well placed for hitting this target, although the remaining rounds are not going to be easy. This is an understatement if applied to the visiting team, as Osasuna will be playing against Sevilla and Real Madrid in the last two rounds.

Having said this, the team who wins this game will be certain of avoiding relegation this season, and would render the results of the next two games virtually irrelevant. Granada will be playing without three midfielders and will start with just one striker, Torje and El Araby being the ones that are among the favorites to be sent up front from the first minute. The visitors have some injuries of their own but it is the defensive that will take the heat if the replacements fail to rise to the occasion.

BetPal Tip:

A draw would leave many questions unanswered and will cause the two teams to fear relegation until the very last minute of the final round. On the other hand losing tonight would spell disaster and neither Granada nor Osasuna will take any chances upfront, making the odds of 3.25 with Betfair, exceptional.