There is more to football betting than just selecting which team you think will win. There are a whole host of different types of football bet, but many novice sports bettors place bets without fully understanding the rules. If you’re wondering how some of the other football bets work but were too embarrassed to ask, or if you think your bookmaker might have settled your bet incorrectly and want to double check the rules, have a look at our guide to the most common football bets.

The most common football bet by far is the 1-X-2. Here you simply pick whether you think either team will win, or if the match will be a draw. These selections can be combined in an accumulator bet or multiple bet and with most bookmakers, like Bet365 or William Hill, you can just place a single bet if you wish.

Many moons ago, bookmakers wouldn’t take single bets on football matches for security reasons, but the vast majority allow it these days.

The thing to remember about 1-X-2 bets that catches a lot of novice football bettors out, is cup matches. These bets are always settled on the result after 90 minutes. So if a match ends 1-1 and goes to extra time and / or penalties, it will be settled as a draw on the 1-X-2 coupon.

Half Time Result
Sometimes called “45 Minutes”, this football bet is just the same as the 1-X-2, but you are betting on which team will be winning at the half-time whistle, rather than after 90 minutes.

Double Result
More commonly known as the “Half Time / Full Time”, the aim of this football bet type is to work out which side will be winning at half time AND which side will be winning at full time.

These can be good value bets if a team is a dead cert but a really short price. Generally, the favourite to be winning at half time and at full time is a better price than simply backing the favourite on the 1-X-2.

Correct Score
With this football bet, the bettor is simply trying to predict the correct score of the match. Remember that football bets are always settled after 90 minutes, unless otherwise stated, so if a cup match ends 1-1 and goes to extra time, ending 2-1, the correct score for betting purposes was 1-1.

Goalscorer Bets
First Scorer and Last Scorer are popular football bets that many bettors –experienced and novice – just don’t understand fully.

The idea is simple – who will score the first or last goal? But do you know what happens if there’s an own goal? What if a player is substituted, or fails to start? You’d be amazed how many sports bettors don’t fully understand this bet and the bookmakers aren’t going to tell you if you’re entitled to a refund, so make sure you’re clued up.

If your selection starts and is taken off at any point, even after 30 seconds due to injury or a red card, the bet stands as he’s had a chance to score the first goal.

In the case of “First Scorer” football bets, if your selection is named on the bench and comes on after the first goal, your bet is void and you can get your stake back. If he comes on before the first goal is scored, even if there are just 30 seconds left in the game, the bet stands.

Own goals do not count. So if the first goal is an own goal, the second goal will count for “First Scorer” purposes. Extra time doesn’t count either. If your selection takes no part in the match at all, you can claim your stake back. If the scorer is disputed, the major bookmakers, such as William Hill settle the bets according to the Press Association’s verdict.

This football bet requires you to pick the correct score AND the first goalscorer and in some cases, the correct score and the last scorer. You don’t get anything for correctly guessing one or the other, you need to get both parts absolutely spot on.
The goalscorer part of the bet is settled according to the usual First / Last Scorer bet rules. If your selection is deemed to be void for whatever reason, the Scorecast is settled as a correct score single. You are not entitled to a refund.

These are the most common types of football bet and should help you get started with football betting. A good bookmaker to start off your football betting career with is Bet365, as they offer a first time deposit bonus of up to £200, an easy to use layout and great football betting bonuses.

We will be adding more sports betting guides in the coming weeks, so watch this space!