The German Bundesliga is one of the strongest leagues in the world and its teams regularly participate in competitions like the Champions League or the Europa League.Here we look at Bundesliga from a sports betting perspective.

Unlike many other leagues, it largely tends to prefer home-grown talent over big spendings on foreign stars, a fact which is nicely reflected by how successful the German national football team usually is in international competitions. And there is no doubt that plenty of punters are trying to find some value in the German Bundesliga – some like it because of the quality of teams like Bayern Munich, while some like it because there is not a lot of public knowledge when it comes to the lesser teams, which means that there is often plenty of value to be had when betting on those outfits.

Betting on the Top Teams

When it comes to Bundesliga, one team stands out straight away – Bayern Munich. That team is the Barcelona of Bundesliga, being the favourite in almost every single match and being able to cover even large handicaps fairly easily. Bayern Munich is then usually followed by Dortmund and Leverkusen, who are both capable of competing even at the European level and who can be dominant in the home league as well. What one has to realize, however, is that the gap between those two and the rest of the competition is not that huge in most cases. Things aren’t as equal as, say, in the French Ligue 1, but they are far more equal than in La Liga or Primeira Liga.

Shooting Stars

Another interesting thing that one could have noticed in recent years is that there is a fairly strange trend in Bundesliga – it always seems that one of the mid-table teams would force its way up to the very top only to fail to confirm all those performances in the very next season and falling down the table once again. Schalke 04, Werder Bremen, and Stuttgart have all gone through such phases, even announcing themselves on the big stage and then falling down rather unspectacularly.

What this shows is that you should never trust some of those results from previous seasons too much. Team chemistries and forms are things that can change quite a lot between seasons and we have not even touched the topic of new transfers, signings, etc. – and those are things that are bound to happen whenever a team starts doing well and gets cash injections as a result of that.


If one takes a look at the statistics, there is one thing that simply can’t be ignored – the number of goals that can be seen in most of the league’s matches. Even though there is basically just one team, Bayern Munich, that can produce goal-fests on its very own, Bundesliga’s averages are constantly above those of the other main leagues. In the 2011/2012 season, the average per game was at 2.86 goals – in comparison to just 2.81 in the EPL, 2.76 in La Liga, and 2.52 in Ligue 1. Bundesliga also stood out in the previous season (2010/2011) in that regard – the goal average was at 2.92 goals per game over in Germany, while it was only at 2.80 in England, 2.74 in Spain, and 2.34 in France.

Such statistics are not just meaningless numbers – and anyone who takes some time to watch German football in order to compare it with the other leagues can soon discover what this is about. In Bundesliga, it is not that rare to see defenders going forward rather relentlessly. If a team is losing and in need of a goal, the tactics change very rapidly and plenty of space opens up in the back, leading to even more goals. The contrast is at its best when you compare Bundesliga with Ligue 1 – in Ligue 1, most teams just sit back and try to sneak past the defence with a counter-attack or a few set-pieces. Well, that strategy would simply be unacceptable in the world of German football.

Closing Thoughts

The bottom line is that Bundesliga is a very exciting competition with plenty of interesting perks and subtleties that cannot be seen anywhere else. There are plenty of reasons to follow German football – no matter whether you want to see quality attacking games, Bayern Munich battering the lesser teams, or what the future of the German national football team might be. And yes – if you are a shrewd punter, there is money to be made as well.