February has been full of exciting press releases and virtually every single player in the online casino gaming industry is trying to impress the world with a few shock announcements, but Microgaming have made it to the most headlines – and rightly so. They are set to release three branded online slot machines in 2014, but it’s clear that their partnership with HBO, which is going to lead to the release of the Game of Thrones online slot game, is what we are all already looking forward to. Microgaming have enough experience when it comes to online slots that involve a fantasy setting – just remember the recent Avalon II video slot, for example – so chances are that we’re going to see something truly spectacular.

Theme and GraphicsGame of Thrones Online Slot

Unfortunately, Microgaming haven’t released too many details just yet, so we can only speculate about the specifics, but, at the same time, the brand won’t allow Microgaming to experiment too much as far as the audiovisuals are concerned. And, hopefully, Microgaming are indeed going to stick to the fundamentals in the Game of Thrones online slot game. There’s plenty of superb material available from the TV series, so why should they stray away from the classic formula? It won’t be easy to live up to the expectations, however, and we hope that we’ll be able to enjoy a true cinematic experience once again. Will the Lannisters be in the spotlight or will the Starks take the lead role? Who knows – but we expect to see a little bit of everything, as that would make the Game of Thrones online slot very appealing indeed.


We all know that Microgaming can come up with something truly innovative in the gameplay department, but, at the same time, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see them settle down for their popular 243 Ways to Win system, which gives the players an unprecedented amount of winning chances. There’ll be plenty of bonus features in the upcoming Game of Thrones online slot game, that much is clear, and, given how huge this opportunity is, we fancy seeing some kind of a jackpot – we haven’t seen too many of them in recent months, after all, have we? One way or another, this online slot has the potential to attract millions of players, so it should turn out to be a real gem!

Our ExpectationsMicrogaming

Microgaming have apparently decided to set the world of online slot gaming on fire in 2014, but the Game of Thrones online slot machine is certainly the game we’re looking forward to the most. The brand is so popular nowadays that it simple deserves a quality video slot to accompany it and Microgaming have plenty of experience when it comes to developing top-notch branded games, so we expect nothing but excellence from them later this year. Microgaming haven’t released too many details just yet, however, so speculations are all that we can go on when talking about it, but we’ll make sure to bring you the full review once we get our hands on the Game of Thrones video slot – we will all probably need to wait for a few months, however.