Lyon is no longer the top dog in France and after winning the championship in consecutive years, they are now hoping for a third place finish. Five different teams won the title over the last five years and with PSG  enjoying virtually unlimited finances, it will be very difficult for other clubs to compete. Evian is not really concerned about all these changes in the landscape and simply focus on avoiding relegation.

Match: Evian TG vs Lyon

Bet: Lyon

Odds: Pinnacle  2.14

Against a team that sets small but reasonable goals, Lyon needs to play as they did when they were dominating Ligue 1 and come out firing from the first minute. They have won all three confrontations with Evian since this team joined the first flight and the fact that tonight they will play away from home shouldn’t hurt their chances. After winning the first two games of the season, Lyon has a rare opportunity to put some points between them and their rivals due to the relatively easy string of fixtures.

Top players are deserting Lyon

Time is quickly running out for the former champions and they need to make the most of the players that they still have, because some of their best assets are being traded. Michel Bastos and Bafetimi Gomis will soon depart for a richer club, as Lyon is struggling financially and has to settle for younger and less expensive players. The main problem is that with these two players leaving, there are few capable to replace them and the youngsters are not yet capable of filling in their roles.

Lisandro Lopez is one of the few talented players that are here to stay and he does a brilliant job upfront, but he is usually too isolated to make a difference. Against Evian and its shaky defensive lineup, Lopez should have enough opportunities to slip a few goals past Laquait. Their opponents were pushed around in the first two rounds and were unable to maintain a decent possession, not to mention that they’ve rarely ventured in the other half of the field. Khelifs will be their only offensive player tonight, which is not surprising given the fact that he is the only one who scored this season.

BetPal Tip:

Lyon might not be favorite to win the title, but if they get the chance to build a decent lead after the first 4-5 rounds, they might finish high enough to play in the Champions League again. Opponents such as Evian are not really a challenge