Our football tipsters have delivered a very profitable Spring, and have fulfilled the Betpal message of ‘Picking Winners‘ and providing winning returns on football betting over the long term.

Football tipstersResident football tipster Henrik Rossi writes in his biog that he would like to be a; “consistent, profit making bettor”. Well the records since April suggest he has done just that. Regularly finding value football picks from around the world, 54 football betting tips (win singles) have been published by him since the start of April, and at £10 level stakes, would have yielded a net profit of £70.29.

That represents a 13.5% return on investment. Not bad over three and half months – no bank is offering that sort of interest in these times of austerity! (The annual interest rate would need to be around 40% to 50%).

Many football tipsters will come and go, enjoying some good fortune short term, but ultimately succumbing to the bookmaker’s margins. Very few will show a profit over the long haul, season after season. A profitable Autumn was followed by a profitable Winter and the sequence has continued this Spring and Summer.

Stick with Henrik Rossi, our other football tipsters and Betpal, to stay in profit betting on football.

Henrik always publishes the best available price on his tips, but recommends having accounts with Betfair, BetVictor, Bet365 and Pinnacle as they are consistently at the head of the market and these firms provide almost all of the best odds on football. He says;

Most people operate from one betting account, but it is very difficult to make long term profit using just one firm – not taking the best price could mean losing out as much as 20% and that is almost impossible to make up. Betfair are vital to give the option of laying a selection easily, every punter should have access to one of the exchanges. BetVictor focus on football and are often best price, particularly on English matches, while Bet365 are also strong but in addition provide the best Asian handicap prices. Pinnacle operate with such small margins that they probably lead the way in terms of being best price most often, even versus the exchanges.”