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FT Score
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Accrington - Grimsby 1 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Barnet - Cheltenham 3 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Blackpool - Hartlepool 2 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Cambridge - Stevenage 0 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Carlisle - Crewe 0 - 2
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Colchester - Luton Town 2 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Crawley Town - Leyton Orient 3 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Exeter - Yeovil 3 - 3
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Morecambe - Mansfield 1 - 3
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Portsmouth - Newport 2 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Wycombe - Notts County 0 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Port Vale - MK Dons 0 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 AFC Wimbledon - Southend 0 - 2
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Bury - Fleetwood Town 0 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Chesterfield - Rochdale 1 - 3
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Coventry - Bristol Rovers 1 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Gillingham - Peterborough 0 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Northampton - Oxford 0 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Oldham - Sheffield United 1 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Shrewsbury - Bolton 0 - 2
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Bromley - Chester 0 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Dagenham&Redbridge - York City 1 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Eastleigh - Gateshead 1 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Guiseley - Dover 0 - 4
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Macclesfield - Aldershot 0 - 2
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Solihull - Barrow 2 - 4
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Southport - Boreham 1 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Sutton United - North Ferriby 5 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Tranmere - Braintree 1 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Woking - Maidstone United 2 - 4
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Wrexham - Torquay 1 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Biggleswade Town - Dorchester 3 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Chesham United - Chippenham 1 - 3
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Cinderford Town - Kettering 1 - 3
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Cirencester - Redditch 2 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Frome Town - Slough 1 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Hitchin - Leamington 0 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Kings Lynn Town - Dunstable Town 0 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Merthyr Town - Amat.Cambridge 5 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 St Ives Town - Basingstoke 0 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Stratford Town - Banbury 2 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Weymouth - Kings Langley 1 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Spennymoor Town - Halesowen 1 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Stourbridge - Grantham 1 - 2
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Matlock - Ashton 3 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Blyth Spartans - Rushall Olympic 2 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Coalville - Workington 2 - 1
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Corby - Marine 0 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Ilkeston - Frickley 1 - 0
03:00 pm, Mar 25 2017 Mickleover Sports - Stafford Rangers 1 - 3


Below are results for all recent and current leagues and events:

African Cup

CAF Champions League>1st Round 2017CAF Champions League>Preliminary Round 2017CAF Confederation Cup>1st Round 2017CAF Confederation Cup>Preliminary Round 2017CAF Super Cup>Final 2017


1st Division>Regular Season 2016Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Superliga>Regular Season 2016


Coupe Nationale>8th Finals 2016Ligue 1>Regular Season 2016Ligue 2>Regular Season 2016U21 League 1>Regular Season 2016U21 League 2>Regular Season 2016

Antigua And Barbuda

Premier Division>Regular Season 2016


Argentino A>2nd Phase 2016Argentino A>2nd Phase Reválida 1 2016Campeonato Femenino>Regular Season 2016Copa Argentina>Group A - 1st Round Qualifying 2017Copa Argentina>Group B - 1st Round Qualifying 2017Copa Argentina>Group B - 2nd Round Qualifying 2017Copa Argentina>Group B - 3rd Round Qualifying 2017Prim B Metro>Regular Season 2016Prim B Nacional>Regular Season 2016Prim C Metro>Regular Season 2016Prim D Metro>Regular Season 2016Primera División>Regular Season 2016Reserve League>Regular Season 2016Super Cup>Final 2016Torneos de Verano>Copa Ciudad de Mar del Plata 2017Torneos de Verano>Copa Clásico del Sur, Mar del Plata 2017Torneos de Verano>Copa de Oro 2017Torneos de Verano>Copa Desafío de Córdoba 2017Torneos de Verano>Copa Provincia Salta 2017


First League>Regular Season 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016

Asian Cup

AFC Champions League>1st Preliminary Round 2017AFC Champions League>2nd Preliminary Round 2017AFC Champions League>Group Stage 2017AFC Champions League>Play-offs 2017AFC Cup>Group Stage 2016AFC Cup>Play-offs Round 2016AFC Cup>Preliminary Round 2016UAFA Cup>2nd Preliminary Round 2016UAFA Cup>Play-offs Round 2016


A-League>Regular Season 2016Brisbane Capital League 1>Regular Season 2017Brisbane Reserves Premier League>Regular Season 2017Brisbane>Regular Season 2017FFA Cup>2nd Round 2017FFA Cup>3rd Round 2017FFA Cup>4th Round 2017National Premier League>New South Wales 2017National Premier League>Northern NSW 2017National Premier League>Queensland 2017National Premier League>South Australia 2017National Premier League>T-League 2017National Premier League>Victoria 2017National Premier League>Western Australia 2017National Youth League>Final 2016National Youth League>Regular Season 2016NPL Youth League>Queensland 2017NPL Youth League>Victoria 2017NPL Youth League>Western Australia 2017NSW Pre-season Cup>Group Stage 2017South Australia Reserves Premier League>Regular Season 2017State Leagues>New South Wales 2017State Leagues>South Australia 2017State Leagues>Victoria 2017Victoria Women's Premier League>Regular Season 2017W-League>Final 2016W-League>Regular Season 2016W-League>Semi-finals 2016


1. Liga>Regular Season 2016Bundesliga>Regular Season 2016Frauenliga>Regular Season 2016Jugendliga U18>Regular Season 2016Landesliga>Kärnten 2016Landesliga>Salzburg 2016Landesliga>Steiermark 2016Landesliga>Wien 2016Regionalliga>Mitte 2016Regionalliga>Ost 2016Regionalliga>West 2016


Birinci Dasta>Regular Season 2016Premyer Liqa>Regular Season 2016


King's Cup>8th Finals 2016King's Cup>Final 2016King's Cup>Quarter-finals 2016King's Cup>Semi-finals 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016Second Division>Regular Season 2016


Championship League 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016


Premier League>Regular Season 2017


Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Super Cup>Final 2017


Cup>Final 2016Cup>Semi-finals 2016First Amateur Division 2016First Division Women>Regular Season 2016Pro League>Regular Season 2016Reserve Pro League>Championship Round 2016Reserve Pro League>Relegation Round 2016Second Division>Closing 2016Second Division>Promotion Play-offs - Finals 2016Second Division>Relegation Round 2016Super League>Regular Season 2016Third Division>ACFF 2016Third Division>VFV A 2016Third Division>VFV B 2016


Premier League>Closing 2016Premier League>Opening - Finals 2016


LFPB>Apertura Adecuación 2016Nacional B>Promotion Round 2016

Bosnia Herzegovina

Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Premier Liga>Regular Season 2016


Premier League>Regular Season 2016


Alagoano>1st Phase 2017Baiano 1>Regular Season 2017Brasileiro Feminino>1st Phase 2017Brasiliense>Regular Season 2017Carioca 1>1st Round 2017Carioca 1>Relegation Round 2017Carioca 1>Taça Guanabara - Final 2017Carioca 1>Taça Guanabara - Semi-finals 2017Carioca 1>Taça Guanabara 2017Carioca 1>Taça Rio 2017Carioca 1>Troféu do Interior - Finals 2017Carioca 1>Troféu do Interior - Semi Finals 2017Carioca U20>Taça Guanabara 2017Catarinense 1>1st Phase 2017Catarinense 1>2nd Phase 2017Cearense 1>Group Stage 2017Cearense 1>Quarter-finals 2017Copa do Brasil>1st Round 2017Copa do Brasil>2nd Round 2017Copa do Brasil>3rd Round 2017Copa do Nordeste>Regular Season 2017Copa Verde>1st Round 2017Copa Verde>Preliminary Round 2017Gaucho 1>Regular Season 2017Gaucho 2>1st Phase 2017Goiano 1>Regular Season 2017Maranhense>1st Phase 2017Matogrossense>1st Round 2017Mineiro 1>Regular Season 2017Mineiro 2>1st Phase 2017Paraense>1st Phase 2017Paraibano>Regular Season 2017Paranaense 1>Regular Season 2017Paranaense 2>1st Phase 2017Paulista A1>Regular Season 2017Paulista A2>Regular Season 2017Paulista A3>Regular Season 2017Pernambucano 1>1st Phase 2017Pernambucano 1>2nd Phase 2017Pernambucano 1>Relegation Round 2017Piauiense>1st Phase 2017Potiguar>1st Phase - Final 2017Potiguar>1st Phase 2017Potiguar>2nd Phase 2017Primeira Liga>Group Stage 2017São Paulo Youth Cup>2nd Round 2017São Paulo Youth Cup>3rd Round 2017São Paulo Youth Cup>8th Finals 2017São Paulo Youth Cup>Group Stage 2017São Paulo Youth Cup>Quarter-finals 2017Sergipano>1st Phase 2017Sergipano>Hexagonal Final 2017Sul-Matogrossense>1st Round 2017


A PFG>Regular Season 2016B PFG>Regular Season 2016Elite U19>Regular Season 2016


Ligue A>Regular Season 2016


C-League>Regular Season 2017


Elite ONE>Regular Season 2017


Primera B>2nd Phase 2016Primera División>Clausura 2016Segunda División>2nd Phase 2016


China League One>Regular Season 2017CSL>Regular Season 2017FA Cup>1st Round 2017Super Cup>Final 2017


Copa Colombia>Group Stage 2017Primera A>Apertura 2017Primera B>Apertura 2017

Costa Rica

Liga de Ascenso>Clausura 2016Primera División>Torneo de Verano 2016

Cote d'Ivoire

Ligue 1>Regular Season 2016


1. HNL Juniori>Regular Season 20161. HNL>Regular Season 20162. HNL>Regular Season 20163. HNL>East 20163. HNL>South 20163. HNL>West 2016HR Nogometni Cup>Semi-finals 2016


Primera Division>Regular Season 2017


Curaçao Sekshon Pagá>Regular Season 2017


1. Division>Championship Round 20161. Division>Regular Season 20161. Division>Relegation Round 20162. Division B1>Regular Season 2016Cup>2nd Round 2016Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Cyprus Women's Cup>Group Stage 2017U21 League>Regular Season 2016Women's First Division>Regular Season 2016

Czech Republic

1. Liga U19>Regular Season 20161. Liga Women>Regular Season 20162. liga>Regular Season 20163. liga>ČFL 20163. liga>MSFL 2016Cup>4th Round 2016Czech Liga>Regular Season 2016Juniorská liga>Regular Season 2016Tipsport Liga>Group Stage 2017Tipsport Liga>Semi-finals 2017


1st Division>Regular Season 20162nd Division>Promotion Round 20162nd Division>Relegation Round 2016Cup>Semi-finals 2016DBU Pokalen>8th Finals 2016Denmark Series>Group 1 2016Denmark Series>Group 3 2016Reserve League>2nd Phase Group 1 2016Reserve League>2nd Phase Group 2 2016Superliga>Regular Season 2016U17 Ligaen>Regular Season 2016U19 Ligaen>Regular Season 2016

Dominican Republic

Liga Mayor>Regular Season 2017


Primera A>1st Phase 2017Primera B>Regular Season 2017


Cup>16th Finals 2016Cup>8th Finals 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016Super Cup>Final 2017

El Salvador

Primera Division>Clausura 2016


Central League Cup>North - Semi Finals 2016Central League Cup>Northern 2016Central League Cup>Southern 2016Central League>North-East 2016Central League>North-West 2016Central League>Southern 2016Championship>Regular Season 2016Cheshire Senior Cup>1st Round 2016Cheshire Senior Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Cheshire Senior Cup>Semi-finals 2016Conference N / S>North 2016Conference N / S>South 2016Conference National>Regular Season 2016Derbyshire Senior Cup>Semi-finals 2016FA Cup>3rd Round 2016FA Cup>3rd Round Replays 2016FA Cup>4th Round 2016FA Cup>4th Round Replays 2016FA Cup>5th Round 2016FA Cup>5th Round Replays 2016FA Cup>Quarter-finals 2016FA Trophy>1st Round Replays 2016FA Trophy>2nd Round 2016FA Trophy>2nd Round Replays 2016FA Trophy>3rd Round 2016FA Trophy>3rd Round Replays 2016FA Trophy>4th Round 2016FA Trophy>4th Round Replays 2016FA Trophy>Semi-finals 2016Football League Trophy>2nd Round 2016Football League Trophy>3rd Round 2016Football League Trophy>Quarter-finals 2016Football League Trophy>Semi-finals 2016Gloucester Senior Challenge Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Isthmian League Cup>3rd Round 2016Isthmian League Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Lancashire FA Challenge Trophy>Semi-finals 2016Lancashire Senior Cup>Quarter-finals 2016League Cup>Final 2016League Cup>Semi-finals 2016League One>Regular Season 2016League Two>Regular Season 2016Liverpool Senior Cup>Quarter-finals 2016London Senior Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Non League Div One>Isthmian North 2016Non League Div One>Isthmian South 2016Non League Div One>Northern North 2016Non League Div One>Northern South 2016Non League Div One>Southern Central 2016Non League Div One>Southern S& W 2016Non League Premier>Isthmian 2016Non League Premier>Northern 2016Non League Premier>Southern 2016Northern Premier League Challenge Cup>3rd Round 2016Northern Premier League Challenge Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Northumberland Senior Cup>Semi-finals 2016Nottinghamshire Saturday Senior Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Nottinghamshire Saturday Senior Cup>Semi-finals 2016Premier League Cup>8th Finals 2016Premier League Cup>Group Stage 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016Premier N / S>North 2016Professional Development League 2>Regular Season 2016Southern League Cup>3rd Round 2016Staffordshire Senior Cup>Semi-finals 2016Suffolk FA Premier Cup>Semi-final 2016U21 Premier League Division 2>Regular Season 2016U21 Premier League>Regular Season 2016


Esiliiga A>Regular Season 2017Esiliiga B>Regular Season 2017Meistriliiga>Regular Season 2017Super Cup>Final 2017Winter Tournament>Group A 2017Winter Tournament>Group B 2017Winter Tournament>Group C 2017Winter Tournament>Group D 2017


Premier League>Regular Season 2016

European Cup

Club Friendlies 2016Club Friendlies 2017Club Friendlies Women>Club Friendlies 1 2017Club Friendlies>Club Friendlies 1 2017Club Friendlies>Club Friendlies 2 2017Club Friendlies>Club Friendlies 3 2017Florida Cup>5th Place Final 2017Florida Cup>Group Stage 2017Florida Cup>Quarter-finals 2017Florida Cup>Semi-finals 2017Hybrid Friendlies 2016Hybrid Friendlies 2017Hybrid Friendlies Women>Hybrid Friendlies 1 2017Hybrid Friendlies>Hybrid Friendlies 3 2017Hybrid Friendlies>Hybrid Friendlies 4 2017Other Competition Matches Youth>Regular Season 2017Other Competition Matches>Regular Season 2017Premier League International Cup>Quarter-finals 2016The Atlantic Cup>3rd Place Final 2017The Atlantic Cup>7th Place Final 2017The Atlantic Cup>Final 2017The Atlantic Cup>Final Round 2017UEFA Champions League>8th Finals 2016UEFA Europa League>16th Finals 2016UEFA Europa League>8th Finals 2016UEFA Women's Champions League>Quarter-finals 2016UEFA Youth League>8th Finals 2016UEFA Youth League>Play-offs 2016UEFA Youth League>Quarter-finals 2016Youth Club Friendlies>U19 2017Youth Club Friendlies>U21 2017Youth Friendlies>U18 2017Youth Friendlies>U19 2017Youth Friendlies>U20 2017Youth Viareggio Cup>Group Stage 2017

Faroe Islands

Meistaradeildin>Regular Season 2017


National Football League>Regular Season 2017


Naisten Liiga>Regular Season 2017Suomen Cup>Group Stage 2016Suomen Cup>Play-offs 2016Suomen Cup>Quarter-finals 2016U19 League>North 2017U19 League>South 2017


CFA 2>Group A 2016CFA 2>Group E 2016CFA 2>Group H 2016CFA>Group A 2016CFA>Group B 2016CFA>Group C 2016CFA>Group D 2016Championnat National U-19>Group A 2016Championnat National U-19>Group B 2016Championnat National U-19>Group C 2016Championnat National U-19>Group D 2016Coupe de France Féminine>32nd Finals 2016Coupe de France Féminine>8th Finals 2016Coupe de France Féminine>Quarter-finals 2016Coupe de France>16th Finals 2016Coupe de France>32nd Finals 2016Coupe de France>8th Finals 2016Coupe de la Ligue>Quarter-finals 2016Coupe de la Ligue>Semi-finals 2016Coupe Gambardella>16th Finals 2016Coupe Gambardella>32nd Finals 2016Coupe Gambardella>8th Finals 2016Feminine Division 1>Regular Season 2016Ligue 1>Regular Season 2016Ligue 2>Regular Season 2016National>Regular Season 2016


David Kipiani Cup>16th Finals 2017Super Cup>Final 2017Umaglesi Liga>Regular Season 2017


2. Bundesliga Women>Nord 20162. Bundesliga>Regular Season 20163. Liga>Regular Season 2016Bundesliga>Regular Season 2016DFB Junioren Pokal>Semi-finals 2016DFB Pokal Women>Quarter-finals 2016DFB Pokal>3rd Round 2016DFB Pokal>Quarter-finals 2016Frauen Bundesliga>Regular Season 2016Oberliga>Baden-Württemberg 2016Oberliga>Bayern Nord 2016Oberliga>Bayern Süd 2016Oberliga>Bremen 2016Oberliga>Hamburg 2016Oberliga>Hessen 2016Oberliga>Mittelrhein 2016Oberliga>Niederrhein 2016Oberliga>Niedersachsen 2016Oberliga>Nordost-Nord 2016Oberliga>Nordost-Süd 2016Oberliga>Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar 2016Oberliga>Schleswig-Holstein 2016Oberliga>Westfalen 2016Regional Cup Berlin>Quarter-finals 2016Regional Cup Mittelrhein>Quarter-finals 2016Regional Cup Niederrhein>Quarter-finals 2016Regional Cup Rheinland>Quarter-finals 2016Regional Cup Sachsen-Anhalt>Quarter-finals 2016Regional Cup Westfalen>Quarter-finals 2016Regionalliga>Bayern 2016Regionalliga>Nord 2016Regionalliga>Nordost 2016Regionalliga>Südwest 2016Regionalliga>West 2016U-19 Bundesliga>Nord / Nordost 2016U-19 Bundesliga>Süd / Südwest 2016U-19 Bundesliga>West 2016


Premier League>Regular Season 2017


Premier Division>Regular Season 2016Rock Cup>Quarter-finals 2017


Cup>3rd Round 2016Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Football League>Regular Season 2016Gamma Ethniki>Group 1 2016Gamma Ethniki>Group 2 2016Gamma Ethniki>Group 3 2016Gamma Ethniki>Group 4 2016Panelinio Protathlima>Regular Season 2016Super League K20>Regular Season 2016Super League>Regular Season 2016


Liga Nacional>Clausura 2016Primera Division>Clausura 2016


GFF Super League>Closing 2016


Championnat National>Série de Ouverture 2017


Eerste Divisie>Regular Season 2016Eredivisie U19>Championship Round 2016Eredivisie>Regular Season 2016KNVB Beker>Quarter-finals 2016KNVB Beker>Semi-finals 2016Reserve League>Group A 2016Reserve League>Group B 2016Topklasse>Zaterdag 2016Topklasse>Zondag 2016Tweede Divisie 2016Vrouwen Eredivisie>Regular Season 2016Youth Cup U19>Quarter-finals 2016


Liga Nacional>Clausura 2016

Hong Kong

HKFA 1st Division>Regular Season 2016HKFA 2nd Division>Regular Season 2016Reserve Division>Regular Season 2016Sapling Cup>1st Round 2016Sapling Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Sapling Cup>Semi-finals 2016Senior Shield>Final 2016Senior Shield>Semi-finals 2016


Magyar Kupa>8th Finals 2016NB I>Regular Season 2016NB II>Regular Season 2016NB III>Keleti 2016NB III>Közép 2016NB III>Nyugati 2016U19 League>Regular Season 2016


Faxafloi Women Cup>Group Stage Cup A>3rd Place Final Cup A>7th Place Final Cup A>Final Cup A>Group Stage Cup B>5th Place Final Cup B>Group Stage 2017League Cup B>Group Stage 2017League Cup C>Group Stage 2017League Cup Women B>Final Round 2017League Cup Women C>Group Stage 2017League Cup Women>Group Stage 2017League Cup>Group Stage 2017Northern Iceland Cup>3rd Place Final 2017Northern Iceland Cup>7th Place Final 2017Northern Iceland Cup>Group A 2017Northern Iceland Cup>Group B 2017Reykjavik Cup>Final 2017Reykjavik Cup>Group A 2017Reykjavik Cup>Group B 2017Reykjavik Women Cup>Group A 2017Reykjavik Women Cup>Group B 2017Reykjavik Women Cup>Semi-finals 2017Reykjavik Youth Cup>Group Stage 2016


I-League 2nd Division>Preliminary Round 2017I-League>Regular Season 2017Santhosh Trophy>East 2017Santhosh Trophy>Final Group 2016Santhosh Trophy>North 2017Santhosh Trophy>North-East 2016Santhosh Trophy>Semi-finals 2016Santhosh Trophy>South 2016U18 League>Group A 2016U18 League>Group B 2016U18 League>Group C 2016U18 League>Group D 2016U18 League>Group E 2016U18 League>Group F 2016


Piala Presiden>3rd Place Final 2017Piala Presiden>Final 2017Piala Presiden>Group Stage 2017Piala Presiden>Quarter-finals 2017Piala Presiden>Semi-finals 2017


Africa Cup of Nations>3rd Place Final 2017Africa Cup of Nations>Final 2017Africa Cup of Nations>Group Stage 2017Africa Cup of Nations>Quarter-finals 2017Africa Cup of Nations>Semi-finals 2017Algarve Cup>11th Place Final 2017Algarve Cup>3rd Place Final 2017Algarve Cup>5th Place Final 2017Algarve Cup>7th Place Final 2017Algarve Cup>9th Place Final 2017Algarve Cup>Final 2017Algarve Cup>Group Stage 2017CAF U20 Championship 2017China Cup>3rd Place Final 2017China Cup>Final 2017China Cup>Semi-finals 2017CONCACAF U20>Classification 2016CONCACAF U20>Final 2016CONCACAF U20>Group Stage 2016Copa Centroamericana>Group Stage 2017Cyprus Women's Cup>11th Place Final 2017Cyprus Women's Cup>3rd Place Final 2017Cyprus Women's Cup>5th Place Final 2017Cyprus Women's Cup>7th Place Final 2017Cyprus Women's Cup>9th Place Final 2017Cyprus Women's Cup>Final 2017Friendlies Women>Friendlies 1 2017Friendlies>Friendlies 1 2017Friendlies>Friendlies 2 2017Friendlies>Friendlies 3 2017Friendly 2016Friendly 2017Friendly 2017Other Competition Matches Women>Regular Season 2017SAFF Women's Championship>Final 2016SAFF Women's Championship>Group Stage 2016SAFF Women's Championship>Semi-finals 2016SheBelieves Cup>Group Stage 2017Sudamericano U17>1st Stage 2017Sudamericano U17>Final Stage 2017Sudamericano U20>Final Group Stage 2017Sudamericano U20>Group Stage 2017Torneio Internacional Algarve U17>Group Stage 2017Tournoi U20 4 Nations>Regular Season 2017UEFA U17 Championship Women>Elite Round 2016UEFA U17 Championship>Elite Round 2016UEFA U19 Championship>Elite Round 2016Valentin Granatkin Memorial>13th-16th Place Play-offs - Finals 2017Valentin Granatkin Memorial>5th-8th Place Play-offs - Finals 2017Valentin Granatkin Memorial>9th-12th Place Play-offs - Finals 2017Valentin Granatkin Memorial>9th-16th Place Play-offs - Finals 2017Valentin Granatkin Memorial>Group stage 2017Valentin Granatkin Memorial>Quarter-finals 2017Valentin Granatkin Memorial>Semi-finals 2017WC 2014 Qual CONCACAF 2015WC 2014 Qual OCEANIA 2018WC 2018 Qual ASIA 2018WC Qualification South America>1st Round 2015WC Qualifying Europe 2018Winter Cup>Regular Season 2017Youth Friendlies Women>U19 2017Youth Friendlies Women>U23 2017Youth Friendlies>U21 2017


Azadegan League>Regular Season 2016Hazfi Cup>Semi-finals 2016Persian Gulf Cup>Regular Season 2016


FAI President's Cup>Final 2017First Division>Regular Season 2017Leinster Senior Cup>4th Round 2016Premier Division>Regular Season 2017


Liga Alef>North 2016Liga Alef>South 2016Liga Bet>North A 2016Liga Bet>North B 2016Liga Bet>South A 2016Liga Bet>South B 2016Liga Leumit>Regular Season 2016Ligat Al Women>Championship Round 2016Ligat Al Women>Regular Season 2016Ligat Al Women>Relegation Round 2016Ligat ha'Al>Championship Round 2016Ligat ha'Al>Regular Season 2016Ligat ha'Al>Relegation Round 2016State Cup Women>Quarter-finals 2016State Cup>8th Finals 2016State Cup>8th Round 2016State Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Toto Cup Ligat Al>Final 2016U19 Cup>16th Finals 2016U19 Cup>3rd Round 2016U19 Cup>8th Finals 2016U19 Elite Division>Regular Season 2016


Campionato Nazionale Primavera>Group A 2016Campionato Nazionale Primavera>Group B 2016Campionato Nazionale Primavera>Group C 2016Coppa Italia Lega Pro>Quarter-finals 2016Coppa Italia Lega Pro>Semi-finals 2016Coppa Italia Primavera>Semi-finals 2016Coppa Italia Serie D>Quarter-finals 2016Coppa Italia Serie D>Semi-finals 2016Coppa Italia>8th Finals 2016Coppa Italia>Quarter-finals 2016Coppa Italia>Semi-finals 2016Dante Berretti>Girone A 2016Dante Berretti>Girone B 2016Dante Berretti>Girone C 2016Dante Berretti>Girone D 2016Dante Berretti>Girone E 2016Lega Pro 1>Girone A 2016Lega Pro 1>Girone B 2016Lega Pro 1>Girone C 2016Serie A>Regular Season 2016Serie A>Regular Season 2016Serie B>Group D 2016Serie B>Regular Season 2016Serie D>Group A 2016Serie D>Group B 2016Serie D>Group C 2016Serie D>Group D 2016Serie D>Group E 2016Serie D>Group F 2016Serie D>Group G 2016Serie D>Group H 2016Serie D>Group I 2016


Premier League>Regular Season 2016


Emperor Cup>Final 2016Emperor Cup>Semi-finals 2016J-League Cup>Group Stage 2017J.League Asia Challenge>Regular Season 2017J1 League>Regular Season 2017J2 League>Regular Season 2017J3 League>Regular Season 2017Japan Football League>1st Phase 2017New Year Cup>Kagoshima 2017New Year Cup>Miyazaki 2017New Year Cup>Okinawa 2017Super Cup>Final 2017


1st Division>Regular Season 2017Jordan Cup>Group Stage 2016League>Regular Season 2016


Premier League>Regular Season 2017Super Cup>Final 2017


Premier League>Regular Season 2017


Superliga>Regular Season 2016


Crown Prince Cup>Final 2016Emir Cup>Final 2017Emir Cup>Group Stage 2017Emir Cup>Semi-finals 2017Premier League>Regular Season 2016


Virsliga>Regular Season 2017


Lebanon Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016


A Lyga>Regular Season 2017Super Cup>Final 2017


National Division>Regular Season 2016


Primeira Divisão>Regular Season 2017


Cup>Semi-finals 2016First League>Regular Season 2016Second League>Regular Season 2016

Major League Soccer

MLS>Regular Season 2017


Super League 2016


FA Cup>1st Round 2017FA Cup>2nd Round 2017FA Cup>3rd Round 2017FAM League>Group Stage 2017Premier League>Regular Season 2017Super League>Regular Season 2017


Première Division>Regular Season 2017


FA Trophy>4th Round 2016FA Trophy>Quarter-finals 2016First Division>Regular Season 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016Women's First Division>Regular Season 2016Women's Second Division>Regular Season 2016


GNF 1>Regular Season 2016GNF 2>Regular Season 2016


Ascenso MX>Clausura 2016Copa MX>Clausura - 8th Finals 2016Copa MX>Clausura - Quarter-finals 2016Copa MX>Clausura 2016Liga MX>Apertura - Finals 2016Liga MX>Clausura 2016Segunda División>Liga Premier Clausura 2016Segunda División>Nuevos Talentos Clausura 2016U20 League>Clausura 2016


Divizia Națională>Regular Season 2016


First League>Regular Season 2016


National League>Regular Season 2017

New Zealand

Premiership>Regular Season 2016Regional Leagues>Mainland 2017


Primera Division>Clausura 2016


NPFL>Regular Season 2017

North America Cup

CFU Club Championship>1st Group Stage 2017CONCACAF Champions League>Quarter-finals 2016CONCACAF Champions League>Semi-finals 2016

Northern Ireland

Championship 1>Promotion Round 2016Championship 1>Regular Season 2016Championship 1>Relegation Round 2016Championship 2>Regular Season 2016County Antrim Shield>Final 2016Irish Cup>5th Round 2016Irish Cup>6th Round 2016Irish Cup>Quarter-finals 2016League Cup>Final 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2017Premiership Development League 2016Premiership>Regular Season 2016


OFC Champions League>Group Stage 2017


Elite League>Regular Season 2016Sultan Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Sultan Cup>Semi-finals 2016

Palestinian Territory

West Bank League>Regular Season 2016


Copa Panama>Quarter-finals 2016Copa Panama>Semi-finals 2016Liga Nacional de Ascenso>Clausura 2016LPF>Clausura 2016


Division Intermedia>Regular Season 2017Division Profesional>Apertura 2017


Primera División>Torneo de Verano 2017


Central Youth League>East 2016Central Youth League>West 2016Cup>Semi-finals 2016Ekstraklasa>Regular Season 2016Ekstraliga>Regular Season 2016I Liga>Regular Season 2016II Liga>Regular Season 2016III Liga>Group 1 2016III Liga>Group 2 2016III Liga>Group 4 2016


Campeonato Nacional>Group A - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group A 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group B - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group B 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group C - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group C 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group D - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group D 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group E - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group E 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group F - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group F 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group G - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group G 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group H - Relegation 2016Campeonato Nacional>Group H 2016Campeonato Nacional>Promotion Round - North 2016Campeonato Nacional>Promotion Round - South 2016Feminino 1a Divisão>Regular Season 2016Júniores U19>Championship Round 2016Júniores U19>Norte 2016Júniores U19>Relegation Round 2016Júniores U19>Sul 2016Liga de Honra>Regular Season 2016Primeira Liga>Regular Season 2016Taça da Liga>Group Stage 2016Taça da Liga>Semi-finals 2016Taça de Portugal>Quarter-finals 2016Taça de Portugal>Semi-finals 2016


Q League>Regular Season 2016Stars League>Regular Season 2016


Campionatul National>Regular Round 2016Cupa Ligii>Semi-finals 2016Cupa României Feminin>3rd Round 2016Liga I>Championship Round 2016Liga I>Regular Season 2016Liga I>Relegation Round 2016Liga II>Regular Season 2016Liga III>Serie 1 2016Liga III>Serie 2 2016Liga III>Serie 3 2016Liga III>Serie 4 2016Liga III>Serie 5 2016


2. Division>South 2016Cup>Quarter-finals 2016FNL Cup 2017FNL>Regular Season 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016U21 Premier League>Regular Season 2016


National Soccer League>Regular Season 2016

San Marino

Campionato>Regular Season 2016Coppa Titano>Group Stage 2016

Saudi Arabia

Champions Cup>16th Finals 2017Champions Cup>8th Finals 2017Crown Prince Cup>Final 2016Crown Prince Cup>Semi-finals 2016Division 1>Regular Season 2016Division 2>3rd Place Finals 2016Division 2>Regular Season 2016Pro League>Regular Season 2016Youth League>Regular Season 2016


Challenge Cup>Final 2016Challenge Cup>Semi-finals 2016Championship>Regular Season 2016Development League 2>East 2016Development League 2>West 2016Development League>Regular Season 2016League One>Regular Season 2016League Two>Regular Season 2016Premiership>1st Phase 2016Scottish Cup>4th Round Replays 2016Scottish Cup>5th Round 2016Scottish Cup>5th Round Replays 2016Scottish Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Scottish Football League>Highland League 2016Scottish Football League>Lowland League 2016SWPL>Regular Season 2017


Ligue 1>Regular Season 2016


Prva Liga>Regular Season 2016Super Liga>Regular Season 2016


Reserve Prime League>Regular Season 2017S.League>Regular Season 2017


2. liga>West 2016Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Super Liga>Regular Season 2016U19 League>Regular Season 2016


1. SNL>Regular Season 20162. SNL>Regular Season 20163. SNL>Center 2016

South Africa

1st Division>Regular Season 2016Cup>16th Finals 2016PSL>Regular Season 2016

South America Cup

Copa Libertadores>1st Round 2017Copa Libertadores>2nd Round 2017Copa Libertadores>3rd Round 2017Copa Libertadores>Group Stage 2017Copa Sudamericana>1st Round 2017

South Korea

K League Challenge>Regular Season 2017K League Classic>Regular Season 2017


1ª Nacional Femenina>Group 1 20161ª Nacional Femenina>Group 2 20161ª Nacional Femenina>Group 3 20161ª Nacional Femenina>Group 4 20161ª Nacional Femenina>Group 5 20161ª Nacional Femenina>Group 6 20161ª Nacional Femenina>Group 7 2016Copa Catalunya>Semi-finals 2016Copa del Rey>8th Finals 2016Copa del Rey>Quarter-finals 2016Copa del Rey>Semi-finals 2016Copa Federacion>8th Finals 2016Copa Federacion>Quarter-finals 2016Copa Federacion>Semi-finals 2016Primera División Women>Regular Season 2016Primera División>Regular Season 2016Segunda B>Group 1 2016Segunda B>Group 2 2016Segunda B>Group 3 2016Segunda B>Group 4 2016Segunda División>Regular Season 2016Tercera Division>Group 1 2016Tercera Division>Group 10 2016Tercera Division>Group 11 2016Tercera Division>Group 12 2016Tercera Division>Group 13 2016Tercera Division>Group 14 2016Tercera Division>Group 15 2016Tercera Division>Group 16 2016Tercera Division>Group 17 2016Tercera Division>Group 18 2016Tercera Division>Group 2 2016Tercera Division>Group 3 2016Tercera Division>Group 4 2016Tercera Division>Group 5 2016Tercera Division>Group 6 2016Tercera Division>Group 7 2016Tercera Division>Group 8 2016Tercera Division>Group 9 2016U18 League>Group 1 2016U18 League>Group 2 2016U18 League>Group 3 2016U18 League>Group 4 2016U18 League>Group 5 2016U18 League>Group 6 2016U18 League>Group 7 2016

Sri Lanka

Champions League>Championship Round 2016


Sudani Premier League>Regular Season 2017


Svenska Cupen Women>4th Round 2016Svenska Cupen>Group Stage 2016Svenska Cupen>Quarter-finals 2016Svenska Cupen>Semi-finals 2016U21 League>Allsvenskan U21 2017U21 League>Superettan U21 2017


1. Liga Classic>Group 1 20161. Liga Classic>Group 2 20161. Liga Classic>Group 3 20161. Liga Promotion>Regular Season 2016Challenge League>Regular Season 2016Nationalliga A>Regular Round 2016Schweizer Pokal>Quarter-finals 2016Super League>Regular Season 2016U18 League>2nd Stage 2016


Premier League>Regular Season 2016


Ligi kuu Bara>Regular Season 2016


League Cup>1st Qualifying Round 2017Thai Division 1>Regular Season 2017Thai League 3>Lower Region 2017Thai League 3>Upper Region 2017Thai Premier League>Regular Season 2017

Trinidad And Tobago

Pro Bowl>Quarter-finals 2017Pro Bowl>Semi-finals 2017T T Pro League>Regular Season 2016


Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Ligue 1>Championship Round 2016Ligue 1>Regular Season 2016Ligue 1>Relegation Round 2016Ligue 2>Promotion Round 2016Ligue 2>Regular Season 2016


1. Lig>Regular Season 20162. Lig>Beyaz 20162. Lig>Kırmızı 20163. Lig>Group 1 20163. Lig>Group 2 20163. Lig>Group 3 2016Bayanlar Ligi>Regular Season 2016Cup>8th Finals Play-offs 2016Cup>Group Stage 2016Cup>Quarter-finals 2016Süper Lig>Regular Season 2016U19 Elit Ligi>Group 1 2016U19 Elit Ligi>Group 2 2016U19 Elit Ligi>Group 3 2016U19 Elit Ligi>Group 4 2016U21 Süper Lig>Regular Season 2016


Uganda Premier League>Regular Season 2016


Persha Liga>Regular Season 2016Premier League>Regular Season 2016U21 League>Regular Season 2016

United Arab Emirates

Arabian Gulf League>Regular Season 2016Division 1 - Group A>Regular Season 2016League Cup>Semi-finals 2016Presidents Cup>8th Finals 2016Presidents Cup>Quarter-finals 2016U19 League>Championship 2016U19 League>Middle Play-offs Group 2016U19 League>Regular Season 2016U21 League>Regular Season 2016

United Soccer Leagues

Suncoast Invitational>Regular Season 2017


Primera División>Apertura 2017


Cup>16th Finals 2017PFL>Regular Season 2017


Primera División>Apertura 2017Segunda División>Central 2017Segunda División>Occidental 2017Segunda División>Oriental 2017


Cup>1st Round 2017Super Cup>Final 2016U19 Championship>2nd Phase 2017U19 Championship>Group A 2017U19 Championship>Group B 2017U19 Championship>Group C 2017V.League 1>Regular Season 2017V.League 2>Regular Season 2017


Feeder Leagues>Cymru Alliance 2016Feeder Leagues>Welsh League Division 1 2016Premier League>1st Phase 2016Premier League>2nd Phase 2016Welsh Cup>4th Round 2016Welsh Cup>Quarter-finals 2016