Football accumulator bets are brilliant. Not only do they give you the chance to win a lot of money for very little risk, but they give you an interest in the whole of the weekend’s football coupon. You will likely find yourself cheering on football teams that you otherwise wouldn’t care about; anybody that has ever placed a football accumulator bet will know what we mean – “Come on Cowdenbeath, I only need you to win and I’ll be picking up £500 from William Hill!”

Football Accumulators – What Are they?
In case you aren’t familiar with football accumulator bets, here’s the basics of how they work. An accumulator is one bet, but with many different selections that must all come good in order for the bettor to have any returns. The accumulator may have as few as two or three selections, but it’s not uncommon to see a line of as many as 15 or even 20 selections.

The thinking behind a football accumulator is simple – because there are just three possible outcomes in a football game (Home Win, Draw, Away Win) the odds tend to be quite short. So to try and get a bigger return from our outlay, we can combine a few different matches in a single bet – this makes the bet more risky and therefore the bookies will give us better odds.

Imagine the likes of Manchester United playing at Old Trafford against Wigan; we can say that barring some minor miracle, that game will be a home win, but the odds will be horribly short – perhaps something like 1/7 (1.14) or if you’re really lucky, 1/5 (1.20). A £10 bet at 1/5 returns just £12. But if you could find two other “sure thing” teams priced at 1/5 and combine the three, your £10 would return a much healthier £17.28!

Football Accumulators – How Do They Work?
Accumulator bets are easy to understand if you think of them as a series of individual bets. If the first selection wins, you treat it as a normal bet and simply put all of the returns (stake included) on to the second selection. If that wins, the returns go on to the third selection, and so on.

In the above example, we picked out three outcomes priced at 1/5 (1.20) for our football accumulator, so let’s look at how we arrived at returns of £17.28 from our £10 stake:

Selection 1: £10.00 @ 1.20 – Returns £12.00
Selection 2: £12.00 @ 1.20 – Returns £14.40
Selection 3: £14.40 @ 1.20 – Returns £17.28

There are plenty of online odds calculators out there to help you work out your total returns from a potential football accumulator bet and if you are in a Betting Office, the staff will be able to help you out quite easily.

Football Accumulators – Why Should I Bet?
If picking multiple selections for an accumulator bet makes it more risky – intentionally making the bet less likely to actually win – why should we do that? Well, there are two points here and it’s all about striking the right balance. First of all, accumulator bets allow you to stake less but secondly, you can win more.

Any professional gambler will tell you that single bets are the best way to bet, as they win more often than multiples – and this is true. But your professional gambler has the time to properly research bets, as well as having a big enough bankroll to extract full value. Your average football betting fan doesn’t have either of these and that’s why football accumulators can be so good.

Betting on the three 1/5 (1.20) selections individually requires three separate bets, so in our example, it requires £30 (3 x £10 stakes). The total returns on those three bets would be £36 (3 x £12 returns), so we’ve tied up £30 of our cash to win just £6 in profit. By placing a £10 accumulator instead, we are only risking £10 of our hard earned money and if all three win, we make £7.28 profit – more than by betting in singles!

It’s true that if just one of the three selections loses, we lose our £10 entirely, while the professional gambler still manages to win on two of his bets and sees some sort of return, but for the average football betting fan, accumulator bets make so much more sense.

There is of course a third point too – fun! Football accumulator bets give you an interest in leagues and teams that you otherwise wouldn’t care about. No disrespect to the likes of Plymouth, Crewe Alexandra, Stenhousemuir or Stranraer, but your average football fan in London, Birmingham or Edinburgh wouldn’t be looking out for these results otherwise. And yet how often have you been following Soccer Saturday in the pub, only to hear a cry of “Get in! Arbroath have scored!” from the other side of the room? That will be somebody with a football accumulator bet in their pocket – unless you are in Arbroath!

Football Accumulators – How Do I Bet?
So how do we go about placing an accumulator bet? First of all, take a look at the football coupon and pick out the teams you think are going to win – a good place to start would be a football odds comparison tool, like the one found on our own website.

Once you have a good idea of the teams you want to back, visit the bookmaker offering the best prices on the majority of your selections, to ensure that you get the best possible returns on your accumulator bet. It is a mistake to stay loyal to a single bookmaker – always shop around and get the best value! One of the best online bookmakers for football betting is undoubtedly BetVictor, as they consistently offer the best prices – see here for more information on that.

Most online bookmakers have a “Betting Slip” facility that lets you add your selections to a virtual football coupon as you navigate the website. This will keep you informed as to your potential returns as you go along, allowing you to refine your football accumulator to strike the correct balance between stake and returns.

How many selections you put into your accumulator is entirely up to you – lots of teams will provide a massive return, but fewer teams means a better chance of winning. How much you want to gamble is your decision!

Good luck with all of your football accumulator bets!