There are occasions when you can afford to let one slide and look forward for the next game, despite losing an important fixture. On the other hand there are series such as the one Chicago White Sox is playing against Detroit that must be won, because every defeat weighs twice as heavy. The Tigers are not only their archrivals but also the ones that they need to overtake for a place in the playoffs and so far things are looking bad for the White Sox.

Match: Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

Bet: Totals Over 10

Odds: bwin 1.95

After leading the division for most of the season they find themselves in a four-game slump, and trailing Detroit by one game. Not even their best pitcher could save the day, in fact Sale dug his teammates deeper into the hole by conceding five runs over seven innings. The visitors turn to Philip Humber today hoping that he has fully recovered after his brief stint on the DL list and he can help them reverse their fortunes. With an earned runs average of 5.77, this looks like a typical case of wishful thinking, but with no other pitcher to throw into the mix, the White Sox have to trust Humber until he proves them wrong.

Different streaks for Tigers and White Sox

The Tigers can be proud of their achievement, but after extending their winning streak to four victories in a row, they can’t dwell on this success. What they do tonight is more or less taking a leap of faith with Jacob Turner after the young pitcher surrendered 7 runs in just two innings against the Los Angeles Angels. The only reason for a pitcher that has an ERA over 10 to start in a critically important game is that there is no alternative, and that’s exactly the case with Smyly still injured.

When two offensive teams such as the Tigers and White Sox go head to head in a series that can decide the team to win the division, sending such pitchers on the mound is a huge gamble. So is betting on either of these two teams, because anything can go wrong in the first few innings and once a team takes the lead, the game has a great chance of turning into a scoring festival. This is definitely a wonderful match to watch but those who want to extract some profit as well, should seek a different type of bet.

BetPal Tip

The best choice would be to take the under/over line and bet that Over 10 runs will be scored, at odds that are close to evens. 1.95 with bwin is great value for a game that can go either way but is most likely to feature plenty of runs scored early, by two teams who won’t save their energy.