The Belgian Pro League kicks off tonight with FC Brugge facing Charleroi in the opening game, and the hosts have plenty of reasons to be optimistic about their chances to win. They’re undefeated in 15 games and have an impressive track record in head-to-head matches, not to mention that they will play at home.

Match: FC Brugge vs Charleroi

Bet: FC Brugge -1.5 goals

Odds: Pinnacle Sports 2.05

FC Brugge finished the previous season among the top teams in the Belgian Pro League and has secured a place in the final qualifying round for Europa League. While they wait for their opponents, they need to make sure that they win the opening game of the domestic championship. They will be without a young defender from Nicaragua, but O’Duarte’s injury doesn’t represent the reason of concern for FC Brugge, who plans on starting with three strikers.

Charleroi was just as active this summer and played eight friendly games of its own and much to his credit, lost none of them. The head-to-head record is downright frightening, with FC Brugge defeating them for seven games in a row, twice by 5-1. Their inability to score against the former Belgian champions is puzzling and having striker Francois suspended after seeing the red card in the last round doesn’t help their chances. Past performance can’t predict future results, but coach Mazzu will be cautious nonetheless, using a 5-4-1 starting formation and hoping to leave Brugge with a single point.

BetPal Tip:

FC Brugge has the rare chance to play the opening game of the Belgian Pro League as hosts, and will try to make the most of their opportunity. Pinnacle Sports offers odds of 2.05 for them to win by two goals or more, a likely outcome that warrants a sizable wager.