Partizan was closer than ever to reaching the playoffs for the Champions League, but despite their efforts they couldn’t get past AEL Limassol. The Cypriots played exactly the kind of football that hurts Partizan and had the means to deny their strikers time after time, but Tromso looks like a manageable opponent.

Match: Partizan Belgrade vs Tromso

Bet: Partizan Belgrade

Odds: Pinnacle 1.80

Losing the first leg is not a tragedy, because the Serbians scored twice and pretty much any narrow margin victory will see them advance to the group stage. They need to find a remedy for their defensive woes fast, because Tromso scored with midfielders and even defenders in Norway. Scoring one goal more than the opponent is not the kind of tactic one should try against an offensive minded team such as Partizan but the Norwegians did it.

The best team in a decade

Partizan is one of the teams that has a great football academy and many young players risen by the Serbian club end up playing at some of the best European teams. This season they’ve changed their strategy and kept the most promising players, while adding new ones such as Filip Knezevic and Goran Lovre. Everything points into a single direction and proves the fact that Partizan is hoping to break the ice by winning both the domestic league and going deep into European competitions.

The hosts count mostly on local players but all their four foreigners are present in the starting lineup, with three of them making the defensive line. Kamara is playing in the offense alongside Babovic and Scepovic, although tonight it is expected that coach Vermezovic will give Mitrovic a chance. He replaced Scepovic in the first leg and with six minutes remaining into the game to give Partizan a chance. On the other side, Tromso will send goal-getter Ondrasek upfront and will also keep Prijovic nearby, after the Swiss player scored the first goal in Norway.

BetPal Tip:

Partizan needs to take the initiative early on, but due to the fact that any victory will allow them to play in the group stage, the Serbians won’t risk too much in the first half. If the lessons of the first leg have been learned, the hosts will try to control the midfield and deny the visitors the chance of sending many balls towards their goal. Pinnacle offers the best odds for a home victory and although 1.80 doesn’t look like huge value, it accurately reflects the chances the hosts have to emerge victorious.