Colossus Bets have been making plenty of headlines recently, for both offering – and winning – huge jackpots on football bets. Their HDA coupons do not receive the same financial backing as the huge jackpots, but do the guaranteed prize pots make them viable alternatives to traditional accumulator bets?

Colossus HDA Accumulators

Colossus HDAThe Colossus HDA (Home Draw Away) coupons offer simple accumulator options, which when considered along with the guaranteed prize pools currently on offer, mean potentially bigger payouts than traditional odds rivals.

The HDA coupons offer fixed lists of either 5 or 8 fixtures. They range from options in the Premier League and Championship, to Bundesliga, La Liga and Football League lists. The match choices consist of a simple, Home-Draw-Away format – so there are just three options per game, rather than the seventeen correct score options on the other Colossus games.

This simple approach matches the traditional football betting coupon that UK punters are so familiar with. Colossus Bets however, operate with a ‘tote’ style prize pool, funded by ticket sales (A proportion of each ticket goes into the prize fund). This method, combined with the guaranteed prize pools, mean that colossus payouts can often provide better odds than a traditional accumulator on the same matches would have, particularly if favourites are being opposed.

The Colossus format also makes it much easier to cover a greater variety of ‘perms‘ (permutations). So where punters want to cover the draw in one or two of the matches – they can. It is also possible to cover all three outcomes in a single match. So if customers can pick a winner in four of the games, but cannot split the teams in the fifth, they can cover all three results in the problem fixture.

To calculate the cost of perms, simply multiply the number of choices per game. So in the example above, four outright selections, and one game where all three outcomes are covered, it would be 1x1x1x1x3 = 3 tickets. If that seems a bit too much, fear not – the Colossus site will do all the calculations as selections are added.

In addition for the potential for punters to get bigger payouts via the prize pools, they also have the flexibility of cashing in tickets early. So if four games on Saturday afternoon have gone to plan, punters could cash in some or all of their ticket before any following games. This is a handy addition, and also brings a tactical element into the choice of permutations.

So punters who regularly bet on big win accumulators should take a look at Colossus Bets and see if they might be worth a try.

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