Cleveland lost contact with Detroit after the Tigers won 12 consecutive games and their best chance of making the playoffs is by winning the wildcard. With the Indians mired in a five-game losing streak, the wildcard will slip through their fingers unless they rebound by winning the series against LA Angels.

Match: Cleveland vs LA Angels

Bet: Cleveland

Odds: Winner Sports 1.90

Ubaldo Jimenez is known as a streaky pitcher who alternates impressive performances with disappointing starts, but lately he’s been more constant. His earned run average climbed above four, but he is still the proud owner of a winning record and needs minimal support from his teammates. In his last start, the batting unit was quiet and Ubaldo was tagged with a defeat despite pitching more than six innings.

It is this kind of performance that Cleveland needs tonight if the hosts are to break out of the slump, but they will be opposed by CJ Wilson. He did a fine job against the Indians, but his last two starts were shorter than expected and he didn’t receive a winning decision in either of them. Luckily for Wilson, LA Angels has invested massively in its batting unit and he enjoyed a lot of support which explains why he broke the double-digit threshold for winning decisions. The Angels on the other hand are struggling to improve the percentage of relievers, with the bullpen causing them consecutive defeats.

BetPal Tip:

The two teams are evenly matched but the Indians have home pitch advantage and superior motivation, as they can still make the playoffs. Odds of 1.90 offered by Winner Sports are slightly above industry average and hold just enough value to make the bet worthwhile.