Once again Chicago White Sox is riding a hot streak, that unfortunately for them, it won’t take them anywhere because they’re already out of the playoffs race. Texas on the other hand has every reason to stop the White Sox in their tracks, as they’re struggling to stay at the top of the Western division.

Match: Chicago White Sox vs Texas

Bet: Chicago White Sox

Odds: Winner Sports 1.83

Chris Sale has at last some good reasons to be optimistic ahead of the game, after the starting pitcher was deprived of proper support. It didn’t help that he kept his earned run average below 3.00, because he was tagged with 11 defeats as a result of his teammates squandering any lead he might have secured. If the White Sox play as well as they did throughout the week, Sale should have no problem in adding his 10th victory, that’s of course if the bullpen doesn’t suffer another meltdown.

The Rangers have a strong starting pitcher as well, with Perez winning three out of the last four outings while posting an ERA of 2.12. Texas is famous for scoring plenty of runs, but they tend to pile them all up in one game while struggling to secure a narrow margin victory in the rest. They’ve recently won a series against Houston after outscoring them 25-11, but two of those games were decided by one respectively two runs.

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The White Sox have nothing to play for but they’re not feeling any sort of pressure either, and this should enable them to play their A-game. The odds for a home victory are not terrific at 1.83, but Winner Sports still has the best value for what is the most likely outcome for this fixture.