The Blackhawks are the team to beat right now in National Hockey League, but Minnesota has already handed them an overtime defeat. Now, Chicago tries to level the score in the short series and the recent results suggest that they are more than capable to prevail at home against the Wild.

Match: Chicago vs Minnesota

Bet: Chicago

Odds: Unibet 1.90

After recording the best start in league history, Chicago was on the brink of losing the first match in regulation time against Detroit. The Red Wings were the dominant team on the ice and held a narrow advantage in the final minutes, but Patrick Kane brought the equalizer with only 2 min. before the final bell. The Blackhawks eventually emerged victorious in overtime and consolidated their lead at the top of the central division.

The Western Conference is extremely competitive this year, with 12 teams separated by only 6 points and any victory can see a squad climbing several places in the standings. Minnesota briefly disposed of  Edmonton two days ago after out-shooting the visitors 20-0 in the second period, but the Oilers held their ground. Tonight, the Wild won’t have the luxury of playing at home against a young and inexperienced team, but will take on the hottest team in NHL right now, in its stronghold.

BetPal Tip:

As odds for regulation time victories go, 1.90 is hardly a lot of value but right now we can’t expect more from bookmakers given how dominant Chicago has been. Unibet remains the first choice for those who continue to trust the Blackhawks and since they are yet to lose a game in 60 minutes, there is no reason to have second thoughts about their ability to defeat Minnesota at home.