Chicago replicated its regular season performance in the playoffs, starting in an impressive manner but struggling to finish on a positive note. Fortunately for them they’ve bested Detroit in seven games and are now going to play in the conference finals against Los Angeles Kings.

Match: Chicago vs LA Kings

Bet: Chicago

Odds: Unibet 2.05

The Blackhawks required overtime to advance to the finals but the good news is that they’ve finally closed the defensive breaches that pushed the series into a seventh game in the first place. Given the fact that they’ve finished the regular season on the first place, they will have home ice advantage against the Kings. This could prove decisive given the fact that their opponents won all home games while struggling on the road against both the Sharks and St. Louis.

Both Chicago and LA prevailed in the seventh game by two goals to one and both were on the verge of elimination despite starting with the first chance. Toews and Kane appeared to be overwhelmed by pressure in the series against Detroit, but the Blackhawks are confident that they will rise to the challenge in the finals. If they are to prevail in the opening game of the series, the host will need to improve their power-play percentage against a team that is prone to suffering many eliminations due to rough behavior.

BetPal Tip:

The fact that LA Kings was unable to win a single game away from home in the playoffs weighs heavily in the balance and has a direct impact on the odds. Unibet prices the hosts at 2.05 to prevail in regulation time, odds that are just high enough to be worth a wager. Punters are advised to place their bets now if they believe that Chicago will win in 60 min., because the odds are expected to drop.